Peerless Master God/C119 Enter White Tiger Furrow
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Peerless Master God/C119 Enter White Tiger Furrow
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C119 Enter White Tiger Furrow

Liu Yiheng looked at the He Hu in front of him who had turned into Kai Ming, and he was extremely shocked. When He Hu opened his mouth, he was even more shocked, because his voice and emphasis had been imitated to perfection, turning him into the real Kai Ming.

"Young Master Yi Heng, what's wrong? Did something go wrong with my disguise? " He Hu said somewhat puzzled.

Liu Yiheng would recover at this time, and say: "No no no, your disguise is really too powerful, it's simply godly. If it's possible, can you teach me a little?"

He Hu smiled and said: "Of course there's no problem, as long as Young Master Yi Heng wants to learn, I am naturally willing to teach you."

"Okay, after you save the Snow Fox, teach me the appearance changing technique. Now help me change my appearance." Liu Yiheng said.

He Hu nodded his head, and then took out something once more, and started to rub it on Liu Yiheng's face. However, because Liu Yiheng himself was unable to see how He Hu did it, he couldn't learn anything because he changed his appearance on his own face. He only felt that something cold was constantly being pushed around by He Hu on his own face, and even though he felt that it was a little strange to be touched by a man like this, he still didn't move, and only closed his eyes.

After about five minutes, He Hu said with a smile: "Young Master Yi Heng, it's done."

Liu Yiheng opened his eyes. However, because he did not have the copper mirror, he was unable to see what he looked like. However, looking at the person who had turned into Kai Ming, he knew that he had definitely become Zhou Rui.

Therefore, he smiled and said, "Hehe, it feels pretty good. It won't feel too bad."

He Hu smiled and said: "En, at first, I wouldn't feel uncomfortable, but after 6 hours, I will feel uncomfortable. Oh right, this is a recovery medicine, as long as it is smeared on the face, you can return to your original appearance." After he finished speaking, He Hu handed over a small blue medicine bottle to Liu Yiheng.

Liu Yiheng received the medicine bottle and placed it inside the storage bag. Then, he said, "Alright, let's go." Liu Yiheng intentionally mimicked Zhou Rui's tone and emphasis.

After He Hu heard Liu Yiheng's voice, he said in shock, "Young Master Yi Heng, could it be that you've learned how to change one's voice before?"

Liu Yiheng shook his head: "No, I'm just controlling my voice. How is it?

He Hu nodded his head and said: "Truly amazing, Young Master Yi Heng is truly a genius, for the sake of learning how to change my voice, I worked hard, and in the end I only changed my appearance to look like another person. It is not very meaningful, because once I speak, it will be exposed, but since I have changed my appearance, how can I not say anything? Unless the person you are imitating is a mute, so voice transfiguration is the most important part of disguise, and only sounds can be imitated to the perfection, only then can it embody the essence of disguise. "

paused for a moment before continuing, "Initially, I had wanted to get Sir Yi Heng to cooperate with me, and it would be best if you didn't say anything. As long as you nod your head, it would be fine, but since there's no need for that, then our chances of success are higher.

Liu Yiheng said indifferently: "You had already thought about it a long time ago, didn't you?"

He Hu nodded and said: "Yes, I understand the terrain of white tiger furrow too well. Of course, I also understand Kuang Dao, so they chose here, and since it's like this, we can only use wits and not force our way through. Moreover, if there's no Snow Fox leader, if we fight head on, we might not necessarily be Kuang Dao's match."

"Yes, you're right." After they finished speaking, the two of them changed into another pair and walked towards the white tiger furrow.

They had just walked for about ten minutes when two people jumped out and said, "Halt, who are you? "We, Wild Blade ?"

He Hu had not finished speaking, but he had shouted out loud: "God damn, are you blind? "If you can't even see me, hurry up and get out of my sight."

When the person who came out saw the two of them, he was shocked, and continued to say: "So it's actually IV Manager and Fifth Master, why would you two appear here? "Aren't you guys ?"

Liu Yiheng continued: "Bastard, don't tell me that we are somewhere else, and need to report to you? "Get out of my way, we have urgent business with the boss. If you delay our business, you will die a horrible death."

That person looked at Liu Yiheng and felt that the Fifth Master was a little strange today. Perhaps it was because there was something important that caused him to be in such a hurry.

He didn't think too much and said, "Yes, yes, yes ?" Then IV Manager and Fifth Master, you may enter. "

Liu Yiheng coldly snorted, and then walked into the white tiger furrow with He Hu.

At this time, He Hu said: "Young Master Yi Heng, that Zhou Rui has been turned into a smiling tiger by someone, no matter what happens, he will always have a smiling face with a face full of warmth. However, there is a knife hidden within his smile, and in Mad Knife Mercenary Group, he is probably the most ruthless person there, so you must be careful when you speak."

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