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C15 Trouble

When Little Shadow heard this voice, she immediately stood up. When she saw Liu Yiheng, she immediately rushed over, and said: "Young Master, you're finally back, I knew that young master would be fine. From what I heard from an outsider, young master has gone missing, it's possible ? After saying that, Little Shadow's two big eyes turned red.

Liu Yiheng looked at the fifteen year old, beautiful, obedient, and cute little girl in front of him, and was extremely happy. He first stroked her hair, and then said: "You little girl, could it be that you want something to happen to me?"

"Of course not, I hope that young master will be happy and healthy everyday. That's right, young master, it's young master's birthday today, so I specially prepared some dishes for you. Let's eat together."

Liu Yiheng looked at the dishes on the table. There was meat and fish, and there were even two plates of vegetables. Although there were only six dishes, he could tell that Xiao Ying was serious.

Thus, he said indifferently, "Where did you get the money from?"

Xiao Ying smiled and said, "There's no need to care about this young master. Anyway, the money came from the right path and I didn't steal it. Let's eat together."

Liu Yiheng didn't think too much into it. He first sat down, then said: "I'm really hungry, let's eat together."

"Alright, I'll accompany the young master to eat."

This was also why Xiao Ying had always followed Liu Yiheng, because Liu Yiheng had never treated her as a servant. Even though his life had been tough, Xiao Ying felt that he was just a person, not like the servants of the other young masters.

Little Ying's cooking skills were not bad, and Liu Yiheng had indeed not eaten anything for three months, so the two of them quickly finished off all the food. However, Liu Yiheng felt that he had not eaten his fill yet, but he knew his own financial situation, so when Little Ying asked him about it, he patted his still very shriveled stomach, and said with a smile: "I'm already full, so I want to take a bath first, and change clothes."

At this time, Little Ying smiled and said, "Yes, Young Master is really smelly."

"You're still laughing at me. If you're allowed to go out for three months and don't have a place to bathe, then you'll stink just like me. Alright, pack up, I'm leaving."

Liu Yiheng washed up and changed into a new set of clothes. As the saying goes, a person should rely on his clothes to ride on the horse and saddle his horse, Liu Yiheng was currently like an idol star with a sharp angle, although he was a bit childish, he still had a handsome face, his large eyes still carrying stubbornness and perseverance. Now that he still had that confidence in himself, he seemed even more spirited, only that his figure was slightly thinner, but his complexion was a lot better.

At this moment, a voice appeared in his mind, "Brat, don't forget to cultivate. Your diligence will make up for your incompetence. Do you understand?"

"I understand. Old man, don't worry, I've been longing for training for many years. I can finally cultivate now. How can I not be diligent?"

"En, that's good, but the first thing you need to cultivate is the Hongmeng Heaven Defying Spell. Only after you have finished cultivating the mental cultivation method will you be able to lay a good foundation."

"Yes, I understand." After saying that, Liu Yiheng first patted his stomach, and then said, "It looks like I'll have to make some money tomorrow, don't be so hungry in the future." Then, he sat down and started cultivating the Hongmeng Heaven Defying Spell.

The Hongmeng Heaven Defying Spell was indeed a mysterious and powerful mental cultivation method. Every time he cultivated it, he would have a clear feeling to his mind, and his mind would be able to understand some things he did not understand, and his understanding towards his meridians and soul would even increase by a lot. Thus, Liu Yiheng's body and mind would very quickly be immersed in cultivation.

However, after Little Shadow finished packing, she came over to Liu Yiheng's bedroom. However, after thinking about it, his young master had left for nearly three months, and must have been exhausted, so she had to let his young master have a good rest. So she did not disturb Liu Yiheng, but went to do her own things.

Liu Yiheng did not know how long he had cultivated for, but when he opened his eyes, he said angrily: "Who is it that is making a ruckus outside, it is so annoying." He was awakened by the noise outside and was in a state of cultivation, so he was not in a good mood.

However, when he heard the words of the people outside, his mood became even worse and he said, "Sorry for the trouble, but that's good too, it's time for me to show my power and skill. At the same time, the money problem can be solved, hehe."

Just then, a woman outside said, "Xiao Ying, you're so beautiful, why do you want to follow that trash? "Why don't you follow our young master? When the time comes, I'll keep you safe to eat and drink. Wouldn't it be much better than following that piece of trash to clear fresh water from the broth?"

"That's right, Little Shadow. Moreover, with your talent, if you get the appreciation of our Young Master, you might even be able to ascend to the heavens and become the Young Madam. When that time comes, you'll be the master." Another voice said.

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