Peerless Master God/C19 Will Not Bite Back
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Peerless Master God/C19 Will Not Bite Back
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C19 Will Not Bite Back

The two people who were entering the courtyard were Liu Yihao and Liu Yihan. Not only did the two of them hate Liu Yiheng, they also hated him to the point that they hated him.

In the past, the reason why the two of them bullied Liu Yiheng the most was because of Qin Luxue. However, in the past, when they bullied Liu Yiheng, Liu Yiheng could only endure it.

Especially after Liu Yiheng disappeared for three months, now that he had returned to the Liu Family, he kept looking down on the two of them and even provoked them.

Liu Yiqing had actually been tricked here by the two of them using words and methods, and the two of them had followed behind them from the start. Originally, they had wanted to see Liu Yiheng getting bullied, but they didn't expect it to turn into this situation.

This was because they could use this matter to properly teach Liu Yiheng a lesson, and could even bring Liu Yiheng to the law enforcement clan elders. If they were to fan the flames on the side, then Liu Yiheng would receive an even higher punishment.

So Liu Yihao looked at Liu Yiheng with indifferent eyes, and then coldly said: "What can you do? I will first teach you a lesson, then send you to the Law Enforcing Elder so that you can accept the punishment you should receive. "

"Oh, if that's the case, then why haven't you guys made your move yet? I think the reason for the current situation to happen should be because of you two, right? Since things have already gotten to this point, what are you all waiting for? "

Liu Yihan: "Don't accuse us wrongly, we were just passing by and accidentally discovered this matter. You made a mistake yourself, don't tell me you want to bite back?"

Liu Yiheng: "I won't lower myself to the same level as you guys. The dog bit me once, so I definitely won't take it back, because I'm human."

"You ? Alright, let's see how long your mouth can take." After Liu Yihan finished speaking, the aura on his body also began to increase rapidly.

Liu Yiheng: "You finally revealed your fangs. Very good, but unfortunately, your fangs are no longer sharp." After he finished speaking, the aura on Liu Yiheng's body also rapidly increased. At the same time, a layer of dusky gas appeared on his hands;

After Liu Yihan felt the aura from Liu Yiheng's body, he sneered: "I never thought that a trash like you could really cultivate, and even cultivate Spiritual Tier. Unfortunately, in my eyes, this kind of strength, is only a joke."

Since Liu Yihan was currently in Postnatal Spiritual Scholar's Perfection Stage, what he had said was indeed not an exaggeration.

Liu Yiheng said indifferently: "Is that so? Then you can take a look. "

Liu Yihao had always been observing Liu Yiheng's situation, but at this moment, he also frowned because he realized that when Liu Yiheng was facing his own little brother, there was always a calm smile on his face, without a hint of helplessness or helplessness. His expression was just like before, and it was still as resolute and stubborn as before.

Therefore, he reminded him, "Brother, don't be careless."

Liu Yihan: "Don't worry Third Brother, I understand the concept of a lion fighting a rabbit. Even if it's facing off against a piece of trash, I won't underestimate it." Then he smiled cruelly and said: "Liu Yiheng, take this, Fierce Tiger Fist." Then, as if he had turned into a fierce tiger, Liu Yihan charged straight at Liu Yiheng and attacked with his fist at the same time.

Fierce Tiger Fist was a high grade battle skill of the Green Rank. It was extremely powerful and powerful.

In the Divine Continent, the effects of martial skills on the overall fighting strength of the martial cultivators was extremely huge. Sometimes, the appearance of a strong martial skill could even cause a cruel battle.

There were Green Rank, Blue level Rank, Purple Rank, Orange Rank, and every rank of martial skill corresponded to the realm of every martial cultivators. It was almost impossible for those in the lower realms to cultivate high-level martial skills, because the strength, power, and spirit energy of the body and meridians would not be able to support it. However, it was not absolute, as the martial cultivators was infinitely creative, so anything could happen.

There were three levels to every single martial skill: Low, Middle and High. And the Fierce Tiger Fist was definitely one of the more powerful green rank martial skills, the high rank green rank martial skills. That was the reason why Liu Yihan was so confident.

When Liu Yiheng saw the other party's attack, his expression also became solemn. His eyes stared fixedly at the other party's attack, and then, he also threw out a punch. He had no intention of dodging at all, and directly clashed head on.

When Liu Yihan saw that Liu Yiheng was actually going to fight head on with him, he felt that what made him even more amused was the opponent's martial skills. Thus, he used a teasing and mocking voice and said: "Bull's fist, haha, it's a Bull's fist, it's really funny." Then he added more strength.

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