Peerless Master God/C3 Hongmeng Heaven Defying Spell
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Peerless Master God/C3 Hongmeng Heaven Defying Spell
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C3 Hongmeng Heaven Defying Spell

"Of course, is there a need for me to lie to you? If you don't believe me, then forget it, I'm not going to teach you. " This guy's voice was very old. However, his words were filled with anger, and sounded extremely awkward.

Liu Yiheng would definitely not let go of such an opportunity. The current him, even if there was a sliver of hope, he had to give it a try, so he said: "Of course I believe it, then teach me the Hongmeng Heaven Defying Spell. I want to become strong, and at that time I must become strong."

The Hongkun laughed and said, "Is that right? Listen carefully, since the primordial era is void, there is no sky, no land, no rule, there is no way. You can create something from nothing. Silent Xi Xi Xi independent not change, Zhou Xing not perish, cycle but do not stop. I do not know its name. "I've heard a lot about you..."

As Liu Yiheng listened to the Hongkun, he also slowly understood these words. At the same time, he firmly remembered these words in his heart.

This had never happened before. From the age when he could cultivate, for the past seven to eight years, his own meridians had always been quiet and undisturbed. Now that there was suddenly movement, Liu Yiheng immediately became excited.

Hongkun seemed to have felt Liu Yiheng's mood, and said: "Don't be agitated, you've only had a little reaction, and you're already excited to such an extent, it's hard to become a big deal. Let me tell you, although a cultivator's talent is important, their state of mind is even more important, do you understand?"

After Liu Yiheng heard this, he was enlightened, and said: "Yes, thank you senior for your reminder."

"Mm, your attitude is still alright, so tell me, how much do you understand from what I just said?"

Liu Yiheng asked seriously: "Less than two levels?"

"Really? "Less than two levels?"

"Yes, it's only at two levels. Is my comprehension ability really that bad?"

The Hongkun paused for a moment, then said: "It is indeed a bit bad, right now your mental state has not completely calmed down, if you try to train by force, it might have an impact in the future. You should tell me about your matter first, wait until your mental state has completely calmed down, then you can start cultivating."

Liu Yiheng originally wanted to strike while the iron was hot, but after hearing Hongkun's words, he gave up that idea, and said: "Alright, then I'll tell Senior." Then, Liu Yiheng recounted his experiences in the past few years to Hongkun.

In the past, whenever Liu Yiheng thought about these things, his mental state would always be affected, but this time, it was completely unaffected, as if he was calmly narrating the matters of others. This was Liu Yiheng's strong mental state, especially after knowing that he could cultivate now, his mental state had improved by a lot.

After the Hongkun finished listening to Liu Yiheng's narration, he laughed and said, "Boy, you are truly a wonder, after enduring so much pain, ordinary people would probably have already collapsed, even if they didn't collapse, they would have at least suffered mental deformities and left behind huge disasters, but you don't have one. On the contrary, your mental state is actually like a pool of lake water, completely unperturbed, your family is truly blind, and actually gave up a genius like you, but it's all because of them, otherwise I might not even be able to wake up."

Liu Yiheng said indifferently: "You can't completely blame my family, at least the Patriarch and Fourth Uncle treated me very well."

"Alright, this really can't be blamed on them. From your introduction, I knew that your family members are all ? Uh, they really don't have the ability to know about your situation."

"Senior, how long have I been unconscious? I feel like I'm really hungry."

"You've been in a coma for two days and two nights. Of course you'll feel hungry, but can you get anything to eat with your current condition? If it wasn't for me protecting your heart meridian, you would have died long ago. It's better to cultivate for now, and only by doing so will you be able to recover your body and get food. "

"Now that your mind has completely calmed down, you can continue to cultivate. Right, I'll tell you one thing, 'Nothing can be done by the dao, but nothing can be done by the dao. If a normal person can guard it, then all living things will turn into their own.'" This is the trick behind converting spirit energy into The power of Hongmeng. "

Hearing this, Liu Yiheng frowned, but he immediately relaxed a bit, and continued to recite: "Dao often does nothing, and everything does not. If a normal person can accept it, then everything will turn into their own, then that doesn't mean, we can let nature take its course, and do everything it its way, but if one understood its path, then everything will naturally be used by one, and all life and death will be used on one's own strength." When Liu Yiheng finished reciting, he had actually entered into a state of enlightenment.

After a while, Hongkun's voice sounded. "As expected of a freakish little guy, he actually comprehended one level of the Hongmeng Heaven Defying Spell this quickly, and his mental state is also so good. Under such a state, he actually entered into a state of enlightenment, truly a talent to be created."

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