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"Offended from the bottom?" Offending Master was not a small crime. The punishment would be death, and the best punishment would be crippling cultivation base and chasing out of the Liu Family. But, did we offend you? How come we didn't know? "

Liu Yiheng laughed, without saying a word, he immediately threw a punch out, although it was not fast, but it was definitely not slow.

"The Bull's fist, looks a little similar, but what a pity, you are not the real Young Master." After he finished speaking, one of the guards also sent a punch over.

The other guard just watched with a smile. The guards of the Liu Family were not simple characters. They were both warriors and step of other shore.

The martial cultivators was divided into three categories: precelestial spirit scholar, innate spirit, Spirit Transformation Realm, and True Spirit Realm. Above that, Liu Yiheng did not know about them.

Each stage was divided into five stages, namely Void Prying, Other Shore, Heaven Man, Peak and Perfection. Each stage was a small jump that was very difficult to surpass, but of course, this difficulty was only for ordinary people.

In the eyes of these guards, Liu Yiheng was just a piece of trash that could not cultivate, a trash that had lost all his meridians and lost all his soul. How could he be a match to cultivators that had already become Postnatal spirit soldier step of other shore?

But before he could even smile, he heard a loud bang, followed by the sound of bones breaking, and then a figure flew straight back, falling beside his feet.

His stiff neck forced himself to lower his head, and when he looked at the guard whose feet were covered in blood, whose arms were completely deformed and had fallen into shock, he said in shock: "Liu Yiheng, you can cultivate now?"

Liu Yiheng: "You talk too much nonsense."

"What do you want?"

"To punish you, of course, for offending your superiors." After he finished speaking, Liu Yiheng struck out with his palm.

When the guard saw Liu Yiheng making his move again, he did not dare take it head on. His strength was almost the same as the guard who was just injured, and the one that was already knocked down in one move, how could he possibly take it head on? So he dodged, but just as he dodged a palm strike, Liu Yiheng's fist arrived in front of him.

The guard was finally scared, and in a panic, he punched out to defend, saying, "Young Master Yi Heng, listen to me ? "AHH!"

Before he even finished speaking, he was sent flying by Liu Yiheng's fist. Although he resisted, his strength was still weaker than Liu Yiheng's by quite a bit, and Liu Yiheng's current strength was only at the Spirit Intermediate realm. Furthermore, he possessed the Hongmeng Heavenly Spirit Pulse, and trained in it, so he was naturally not an ordinary person.

After Liu Yiheng knocked down the two guards, he looked at the guards who were not shocked, and said indifferently: "This is the punishment I give you, as for the punishment your families give you, someone will inform you, now do you know that you have offended your superiors?" After saying that, he walked into the gate of the Liu Family with a domineering attitude.

After all, these servants were not cultivators. If they wanted to cultivate in Divine Continent, they had to have spirit veins, and no matter how hard they tried, they would not become cultivators. As long as they were cultivators, they would be respected, and those servants no longer looked at Liu Yiheng with contempt, they could only respect him.

But just as Liu Yiheng took a few steps, over a dozen people rushed over quickly from afar. All of them had swords and blades in their hands, looking extremely aggressive.

After they came, they immediately surrounded Liu Yiheng, forcing Liu Yiheng to stop in his tracks.

These people were all guards of the Liu Family. Their duty was to protect the Liu Family. Now that someone broke in and injured two guards, how could they not care?

The guard leader looked at Liu Yiheng who was dressed in rags, and then said: "Who are you? "How dare you trespass into the Liu Family and injure the guards of the Liu Family. I think you don't want to live anymore." Then he gave the other two a look.

The two of them understood. They first carried the two injured people in and then closed the gate of the Liu Family.

Because the Liu Family was one of the Four Great Families in the Qingling City, no one dared to cause trouble in the Liu Family. Therefore, the front gate of the Liu Family would not be closed.

Liu Yiheng waited until the two of them were done with the matter, then said indifferently: "I am Liu Yiheng, and those two blind fellows actually dare to insult me, offending their superiors, offending their master, shouldn't I teach them a lesson?"

"You are Liu Yiheng?" The guard leader looked at Liu Yiheng carefully, and only then was he able to tell that Liu Yiheng had indeed changed a lot, because this was what he was referring to, that kind of refreshing and extraordinary temperament, compared to the silent and dispirited Liu Yiheng from before, the most obvious contrast was the ordinary looking Liu Yiheng. Especially the faint pressure released by his opponent, which made him feel that he was a great threat.

Liu Yiheng nodded, and continued: "What, you don't recognize me? "Do you want to commit the offense from the bottom as well?"

"Hehe, I'm sorry, we did not expect Young Master Yi Heng to wear this, so we did not immediately recognize him, and hope Young Master Yi Heng would forgive us." The guard leader was also sweating. He was just a guard leader of the Liu Family and could not afford to offend the young master of the Liu Family, especially a young master who was direct line of descent like Liu Yiheng.

If it was the old Liu Yiheng, then that would be fine, but the current Liu Yiheng could already cultivate, and even injure his own subordinates, that was different. If he dared to speak anymore nonsense, then the consequences would be unimaginable for the Patriarch.

He did not want to waste any more words, so after hearing the guard leader's words, he indifferently said: "Oh, so that's how it is, then forget it, but you better watch your subordinates, otherwise the two would not be the only ones getting injured."

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