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C81 Challenge

But in the current situation, no one had a clue about Liu Yihao. Everyone was cheering for Liu Yiheng's victory, this was reality, the reality of the world.

Liu Yiheng didn't really care about the applause, cheers and applause, because he was the one who had been ridiculed and laughed at. He knew why all of this happened, so what he cared about right now was only his own strength.

At this time, Liu Changxiong announced in a loud voice: "Alright, now that the competition for the group under the age of twenty has concluded, and we have entered the top five, the ones who can compete for the Four Major Clans are Liu Yiheng, Liu Yitao, Liu Yihan, Liu Yiqiong and Liu Yichen. I hope you all continue to work hard and strive to achieve good results in the Four Major Clans' Large Competition."

Liu Yiheng and the rest of the five said at the same time: "Yes, we will definitely get good results."

Liu Changxiong nodded his head, and continued to speak: "The five of you will receive one Gongji Pellet, fifty Spirit Gathering Pellets, fifty Origin Replenishing Pills, and a thousand gold coins."

This reward was quite bountiful and the previous first place winner wouldn't have such a generous reward. Thus, the five of them said at the same time, "Many thanks, Patriarch."

Liu Changxiong laughed and then said: "You don't have to thank me, you've worked hard to obtain these yourself. Alright, now it's another competition of twenty years and above, the method is the same as before, the rewards are also the same as every year, only, the person who gets first, in this year, every month, your salary will be increased by thirty percent, the second and third will be increased by twenty percent, the fourth to tenth will be increased by ten percent, so everyone has to work hard and strive for your good results."

Normally, these people were all elite warriors of the Liu Family. Their salary would be quite a lot, but this percentage was even more, so this was definitely not a small number. Even if it was ten percent, it was still not a small amount.

The Large Competition quickly began. For those over 20, the difference in strength was even more obvious, because the older they were, the greater the effects of their talent, perception, and potential. If they were all normally cultivating, then those with high talent, potential, and good perception would naturally have many stronger strength than others.

Thus, the top ten rankings were quickly announced. After resting for an hour, they would immediately begin the ranking battles for the top ten.

There were very few people over the age of twenty that entered the innate spirit, but even though they were also Postnatal Spiritual Scholar's Perfection Stage, they were much more powerful than people over the age of twenty. Regardless of whether it was their ability to control martial skills, their ability to control spirit energy, or their battle experience, they could not be compared with each other. Of course, this was also a general conclusion, and people like Liu Yitao, no matter what aspect, were not weaker than people over the age of twenty.

Liu Yiheng was also extremely concerned about the top ten rankings, but he was only concerned about one person, and that was Liu Yiyu. As for Liu Yitian, Liu Yiheng didn't even notice that he had not come, so Liu Yiyu was naturally successful in everything he did.

Even when he was fighting for the top position, his opponent had only caused him a small amount of trouble, but he hadn't really posed a threat.

When Li Yuanmeng saw this, he let out a sigh and then lightly said, "Yiyu and Yitian's talent, potential, and comprehension ability are all very strong. It's a pity that they were born at the wrong time, if they were born two years later, then their chances of entering the Heavenly Awakening Academy would not be small either."

Hearing this, Liu Changba squinted his eyes, because what Li Yuanmeng said was correct. The last time they had entered the Heavenly Awakening Academy, Yi Yu and Yi Tian's ages were still a little young, because the two of them were twins, and this year they were both twenty-one. However, they were only fifteen years old, so if they were born two years later, their chances of success was indeed the greatest.

Liu Zhenshan continued: "Everyone has their own destiny, and it's not like they won't have any prospects for growth if they don't enter the Heavenly Awakening Academy. Chang Ba, don't be so narrow-minded, and besides, how many people in the entire Qingling City can enter the Heavenly Awakening Academy? Moreover, the Qingling City itself still needs to develop, doesn't it? "

Liu Changba nodded and said, "That's right. The people of the Liu Family do not live for themselves, but for the entire Liu Family. No matter what their relationship is, they are all brothers.

Liu Changxiong laughed and said, "Well said, this is the power of our Liu Family. Mayor should be well aware of this."

Li Yuanmeng shook his head and said: "I did not mean anything special, I just said a fact. Don't misunderstand me, what I want now is for more talents to appear in the Liu Family, or more talents to appear in the past."

Liu Zhenshan understood what Li Yuanmeng meant, and said: "Everything is in the sky, no matter how much you think, it's useless. Understand?"

Li Yuanmeng laughed, and then said: "I understand, you are right, success is in the sky, the power of humans is too limited, there is no way to predict the future."

When the others heard this, they nodded their heads as well. At this moment, Liu Changxiong also stood up, and everyone thought that the competition had ended, but the process of the competition was extremely exciting, especially the battle between Liu Yiheng and Liu Yihao, which had broadened their horizons. They did not want to leave just like that, so they continued to gather around the training grounds.

At this moment, a faint voice sounded out, "Patriarch, can I challenge him now?"

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