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C88 Doubt

Liu Yiyu never thought that his Earth Fire Saber Technique would have such a flaw, he himself did not even realize it, but his opponent had already seen through it. He was also shocked, but he knew that he definitely could not use this move anymore, if he did not die, he would be injured, so he immediately stopped his attack to dodge Liu Yiheng's counterattack.

However, Liu Yiheng's attack also stopped midway. After that, he heard Liu Yiheng say, "You should also experience my martial skill, the Xuanyang Spear Art, Breathtaking Verisimilitude."

The spear was not very fast, but it was extremely mystical. The spear head trembled continuously, almost enveloping all the vital parts of Liu Yiyu's body, and even blocking his escape route.

Liu Yiyu carefully observed his opponent's spear technique, but he was unable to see any weaknesses in the spear technique no matter what. This was the relationship between one's eyesight and the weapons that one trained in.

He trained in blade techniques, and with his might and strength, he naturally would not target weaknesses in other people's martial skills. On the other hand, Liu Yiheng trained in spear techniques, and the strongest point he had was to find weaknesses in other people's martial skills, then attack and counterattack.

Liu Yiyu was unable to find the weakness in Liu Yiheng's Spear Arts, thus he said indifferently: "What a powerful spear technique, but for the mysterious spear techniques, you need to target me, and then I will break them." After saying that, Liu Yiyu unhesitatingly slashed his blade.

was directly pushed back more than ten steps, while Liu Yiyu was only pushed back five steps. From this one strike, everyone could tell that Liu Yiheng's spirit energy strength was still far inferior to Liu Yiyu's.

Liu Yiheng laughed and continued to speak: "Good blade technique, take one more of my Scorching Sun strikes." Liu Yiheng then thrusted out his spear once again, the fire energy in the spear became even more powerful. Although it was not as dazzling as the previous move, it was still much more powerful.

Liu Yiyu once again used his strength to defeat it, and the mighty Earth Fire Saber Technique was unleashed once again. It clashed with Liu Yiheng's attack, and this time, the two of them took five or six steps back.

"This is really fun, take another move from me, Piercing Sun ?"

This time, Liu Yiyu became more intelligent. Although he still could not see the weakness of this move, he still managed to dodge it. Just like that, the two of them started to fight.

In the training grounds, Liu Zhenshan was actually not excited this time, but instead, became unusually calm. This kind of feeling of calmness, looked even more terrifying than the excitement.

At the same time, he turned to Liu Changxiong and asked: "When did you give that brat the spirit artifact?"

Everyone knew what a Spirit Treasure meant in the Qingling City. If a person had a Spirit Treasure, they would definitely be an invincible existence in the same class, and the Liu Family only had two Spirit Treasures, but they were definitely not spear-type, so it could only be given to Liu Yiheng by him or by him. If Liu Yiheng could get his own Spirit Treasure, everyone would not believe him.

Liu Changxiong shook his head and said, "No ? That's why I said just now, even if Liu Yiheng lost here, his future prospects were limitless. Because, from the moment he was able to forge a spirit artifact, his identity had already become extremely noble, so his future prospects are naturally limitless. "

Li Yuanmeng's eyes lit up when he heard this, and said: "Patriarch Liu, you aren't lying right? How old was Yi Heng to be able to forge a Spirit Treasure by himself? Moreover, there was no one in the Qingling City who could forge spirit artifacts. So where did he learn forging techniques? The most important thing was that, in his grade, he might not even have enough time to cultivate, so where would he get the time to learn refining? And I have to figure it out myself. "

Liu Changxiong said indifferently: "About this, you can only ask Yi Heng himself, because I do not know when he learnt Forging, or whether it is because he learnt it after reading our Liu Family's Forging books? But I don't think he would say it, because if it were anyone else, would he say it? "

Li Yuanmeng naturally did not believe in such an explanation. If a person could forge a Spirit Weapon just by reading a book, then how could a weapons craftsman be so noble? But Liu Changxiong's last sentence was right, would Liu Yiheng come out? Apparently not.

That was to say that he had to take down Liu Yiheng, the young man. Of course, this heavy responsibility must be placed on his daughter, and as long as he could control this young man, then he would be able to safely stay in the position of city lord in the Qingling City, and no one would be able to shake him.

Right now, Qin Zhenggang did not mention about Qin Luxue and Liu Yiheng anymore, because he knew that no matter what he said, it would be useless.

Therefore, he laughed and said: "Hehe, Clan Leader Liu is right. It's not that Yi Heng's future will be limitless once he wins this battle, but rather, his future will be limitless. Also, the spear technique he used just now seems very special as well, is that your Liu Family's spear technique? But how come I've never seen it before? Is this also a secret hidden by your Liu Family? "

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