Peerless Master God/C9 Lobby Meeting
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Peerless Master God/C9 Lobby Meeting
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C9 Lobby Meeting

Liu Yiheng smiled lightly and said: "Alright, I also have the same intentions. Let's go."

In the guest hall of the Liu Family, Liu Changxiong and some of the Liu Family's higher ups were discussing matters with two other people. However, Liu Changxiong's face did not look good, but there was helplessness in his eyes.

In the end, Liu Changxiong sighed helplessly, and said: "Alright, if Liu Yiheng still hasn't returned after ten days, then I'll agree to you annulling the engagement." Liu Changxiong was also helpless. Liu Yiheng had already disappeared for three months and was still a person who could not cultivate. If the odds were against him, then he could not keep delaying the lady.

"Hehe, Big Brother Chang Xiong, in fact, we have no other choice, so don't blame us for this, after all, such a thing has happened, and no one wants to do it, but the marriage annulment is only for Liu Yiheng, this time I brought Lu Xue here, so she can choose a young generation of the Liu Family, and when the time comes for them to become husband and wife, both of us will have completed the engagement, wouldn't that be good?"

"Brother, I think that's fine, even if we reluctantly let Lu Xue and Yi Heng be together, it will still cause a lot of trouble, and if something happens, it will affect our Liu Family, furthermore, Yi Heng has already disappeared for three months, for Yi Heng, this is not a good thing for him right?"

"That's right. Big brother, I also think that Patriarch Qin is correct about this matter. This way, our two families won't be affected. Why not?"

was the Qin family's patriarch's daughter, Qin Tianxing. If his own son married Qin Luxue, then their status in the Liu family would be greatly improved, and at the same time, their competitiveness towards the next Patriarch would also greatly improve. Liu Changba was also the daughter of the Qin family's patriarch, Qin Tianxing, so if their son married Qin Luxue, then their status in the Liu family would also greatly improve.

Liu Changxiong thought for a while, then said: "Brother Tian Xing, that idea is fine, but ?"

Before Liu Changxiong could finish speaking, a person walked in from outside and said at the same time: "Big Brother, I'm back ? Uh, Patriarch Qin is here too? "

Qin Tianxing nodded and said, "Yes, Changyun, have you worked hard recently?"

Liu Changyun waved his hand, and then said, "What, if it was Patriarch Qin, would he have given up long ago?"

Qin Tianxing's expression did not change as he said: "Of course not. No matter what, a family is a family. If you can just give up on someone from a family, then what is the meaning of a family?"

Liu Changyun was a straightforward person, if the Qin family had directly asked to withdraw, he might not be as disgusted, after all, the situation regarding Liu Yiheng was still the same. But the other party had used a lot of methods to end the engagement, to the point where he did not want his family to be affected in any way, and even wanted to push the matter to the Liu family. This made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

Therefore, he directly said to Liu Changxiong: "Big Brother, have you heard, Yi Heng has already returned."

"What?" Yi Heng is back, is this true? Where is he now? " Liu Changxiong said happily.

"He should have gone back to his own residence. After all, he has been missing for such a long time. He must have suffered a lot. He needs to rest."

Liu Changxiong nodded, then said happily: "Mn, that's right, let him have a good rest. Oh right, where did you find Yi Heng?"

"No, I haven't been able to find him. I had some matters to attend to today, so I didn't go out to look for him. But just as I was about to look for him, someone told me that Yi Heng has returned, and also ?"

At this time, a person walked in and said, "Reporting to Patriarch, the three Young Masters Yi Heng, Yihao, and Yihan have matters to attend to."

After Liu Changxiong heard the names of these three people, he was stunned for a moment, and then said: "Alright, let them in."

After Liu Changxiong finished speaking, four people walked in from the outside. Three of them were naturally Liu Yiheng, Liu Yihao, Liu Yihan and the other one was Qin Luxue.

After they came in, they respectively paid respects to Liu Changxiong and then stood at the side. Qin Luxue also stood behind her own father, Qin Tianxing.

Liu Changxiong looked at the person who walked in, a shabby clothed Liu Yiheng, with concern and a hint of pain in his eyes. He said with a caring and loving tone: "Yi Heng, you're okay, it's really great."

Liu Yiheng wore a faint smile on his face. Even though he looked somewhat miserable, that sun-like smile and his temperament that had become outstanding still made him look very different from before. He continued to speak, "Uncle, don't worry.

Liu Changxiong also felt that Liu Yiheng had changed a little, but he did not think too much about it. He only said lightly: "Un, but you need to be more careful in the future, do not leave the Liu Family alone.

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