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C90 Winning

Finally, Liu Zhenshan said: "Yi Heng's talent and potential is too great, Yi Yu's talent is also very good, at least he has surpassed most people. He is still the genius of our Liu Family, don't worry, I will not treat Yi Yu unfairly."

Liu Changba heard up to this point and also sighed. He knew that because of Liu Yiheng's appearance, he might not even have any hope of becoming Patriarch anymore, even if his son's hope of becoming Clan Master would completely disappear. However, he could do nothing about it. Putting everything aside, just the status of a weapons craftsman wasn't something they could compare with.

Although Liu Changba was a little overbearing and sinister, he was very loyal to the Liu Family. He would never do anything to the Liu Family, and that was probably one of the reasons why Liu Changxiong gave way to him.

In the training grounds, the battle between Liu Yiheng and Liu Yiyu continued. Of the two, one had a tyrannical and tyrannical blade technique, the other had a fierce and powerful blade technique, while the last one had a sharp and strange spear technique.

However, after another sixty rounds, Liu Yiyu was somewhat unable to persevere any longer. After all, this method of fighting used up too much spirit energy. After he finished speaking, he attacked from top to bottom.

Liu Yiheng laughed and continued to speak: "Alright, as you wish, let's determine the victor with one move, look at my Flaming Clouds in All Directions." Following that, streams of flames were seen rushing straight towards Liu Yiyu.

One of the attacks was from the center, while the other was from top to bottom. Both attacks were unconventional attacks, but both attacks were extremely powerful.

Following that, 'chi chi' sounds could be heard nonstop. This was the result of the special characteristic of their attacks. After all, they were both fire attacks.

But after the two's attacks reached a stalemate for a while, they suddenly heard a muffled dragon cry. Even though the dragon cry was mixed in the sound of their attacks, there were still people that heard it.

When the dragon cry came out, Liu Yiyu's body was immediately flung out, flying all the way out of the training grounds before landing on the ground.

Liu Yiheng was forced to retreat dozens of steps, all the way to the edge of the training grounds before he stopped, leaning on his spear, stabilising his body, blood trickling out from the corner of his mouth, it seemed that his injuries were not light.

Liu Yiyu crawled up from the ground with much difficulty. He first looked at the Flame Blade in his hand and sighed in heartache, because the Flame Blade had already been cut into two, after all, it was a weapon only second to spirit artifacts. However, the one in Liu Yiheng's hands was a true spirit artifact, and a Green Rank high grade one at that.

Then, he looked at Liu Yiheng who was still in the training grounds, and said: "You are very strong, you have won."

Liu Yiheng laughed, then said: "You are also very strong, it was really dangerous just now. If your weapon was a little stronger, perhaps I would be the one who would have lost."

Liu Yiyu shook his head and said, "No, my loss is not because of the spirit artifact, but because I'm not your match in the first place. You don't have to be modest, but you have to continue to work hard, because I won't stop.

Liu Yiyu continued: "Also, you have to be careful of my big brother."

Hearing this, Liu Yiheng frowned, Liu Yiyu was indeed not a simple person, or perhaps, he had already admitted his strength, so when he spoke to, it was also considered respect, and was completely different from the first time he saw, but in this kind of situation, he told him to be careful of his big brother, so he might as well say it.

Thinking about that, Liu Yiheng said: "Oh, is that so? Can you explain it to me? "

Liu Yiyu shook his head and said: "No, goodbye." After he finished speaking, Liu Yiyu immediately left. It was already very good that he was able to make Liu Yiheng be careful of his big brother, so how could he say anything else?

It was only until then did the people outside the training grounds recover from their shock. They were all shocked by the shocking attack just now, and in the end, Liu Yiheng obtained an even more unbelievable victory in the Large Competition. They heard a miserable voice say: "My gold coins, all of it is gone."

After this person spoke, many people started to cry as well, but after that, everyone gave Liu Yiheng warm applause and cheers because they knew what it meant to the Liu Family once Liu Yiyu grew up. Although the gold coins that they had lost in the gambling house hurt, it was nothing compared to the Liu Family's status.

But there were a few people laughing secretly, including Liu Yitao and Xiao Ying. The two of them had earned a lot of money from this gambling match.

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