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C98 Sad

After Little Shadow heard Liu Yiheng's words, he said emotionally, "Many thanks, Young Master."

"Why are you being so courteous with me? Let's go. " After Liu Yiheng finished speaking, he stood up and walked out of the courtyard.

Liu Changyun followed closely behind, and then, Little Shadow also caught up. On the way, Liu Yiheng asked with a smile: "Fourth Uncle, where is Yi Tao's cousin?"

"When your cousin heard that you were willing to forge weapons for him, he was so happy that he went out early in the morning to buy materials. This brat is also impatient. He's been training outside for such a long time, yet he still hasn't changed."

Liu Yiheng laughed and said: "Hehe, Yi Tao's cousin is a man of character, I like that kind of personality."

"Oh right, Yi Heng, when are you going to help me forge a weapon? Actually, I can't wait any longer. " Liu Changyun said while beaming.

In fact, Liu Changyun couldn't be blamed for being so anxious, because the Spirit Treasure was too attractive to him. After all, in the entire Liu Family, there were only two Spirit Treasures.

Yun Tianyou thought for a while, then said: "Then let's do it tomorrow, if Fourth Uncle can prepare all the materials today."

"Tomorrow is truly great. If I could hold onto a spirit artifact for the New Year, my mood would surely be so good that it would explode." Liu Changyun said somewhat incoherently.

Liu Yiheng laughed, then said: "If you're going to make Fourth Aunt hate me, then you should wait until the new year."

Liu Changyun immediately said: "Other than that, your Fourth Aunt will not be angry. Don't worry, hehe."

"Alright, then after Lil 'Shadow's opening of the Spiritual Pulse ends today, fourth uncle will go and prepare the materials." Liu Yiheng said.

Liu Changyun nodded and said, "Alright, alright, alright... "This is great, I think my big brother will definitely be envious of me when the time comes."

Liu Yiheng smiled and said, "Fourth Uncle, why is Eldest Uncle ?"

"Hehe, is your uncle embarrassed? But I think that as long as I have a Spirit Treasure, he will impatiently come and find you." Liu Changyun said.

"Oh, alright then."

Along the way, Liu Changyun brought Yun Tianyou and Little Shadow along, and headed towards the Spirit Vein Array Stone. Along the way, there were actually quite a few people following them, because Yun Tianyou was too famous right now, so these people followed Liu Yiheng and the others all the way to the Spirit Vein Array Stone.

One of them said, "Why are they going to the Spiritual Pulse Array Stone? Could it be that Liu Yiheng wants to help the little girl beside him to open his spirit vein? "

With Liu Yiheng's current identity and status, if there is such a request, then Fourth Uncle Changyun would definitely not reject it. "

"But what's the use of that? "Little Ying should be around fourteen or fifteen years old right? At such an age, even if he opened his spirit vein, he would have already missed the opportunity to cultivate in gold ?"

When he said that, he stopped because he remembered that Liu Yiheng had also missed the golden period of cultivation, but with his current strength, they could only look up to him.

A person beside him laughed and said: "Hehe, I think you're mistaken, it's impossible for Yi Heng to have missed the opportunity to cultivate for the Gold rank. He should have long since been able to cultivate, but never revealed it until now, until this time, when he revealed his true strength and talent.

"Un, you're right, but that little girl is really lucky to be with Yi Heng. If she was a member of the Liu Family, it would be impossible for her to use the Spirit Vein Array Stone at this time, after all, it would consume a lot of energy."

A girl said: "Yes, I really envy that little girl. If only I could be together with Cousin Yi Heng."

"En, I remember now, that little girl was always following Yi Heng, she seemed to be the only servant girl that followed him until Yi Heng revealed his true strength."

"So it's like that? She's truly lucky and has a lot of perseverance. This is simply guarding the clouds to see the bright moon."

Liu Yiheng did not care about the people's discussions, at the moment, he was looking at the Spirit Vein Array Stone, he had been to this place twice before, and it was the first time he opened his spirit vein, but he did not succeed. Everyone thought that something had happened, but the second time it was still unsuccessful, making him the laughingstock of the Liu Family, and even the entire Qingling City, so this place was Liu Yiheng's fault.

However, every time he arrived here, he would feel a special power spiralling around him. It was as if it wanted to approach him, but did not dare to. That feeling was extremely strange.

Just then, Hongkun's voice sounded out in his mind: "This is a formation array that can link the power of the human spirit veins, but it's too simple and crude, and that rock, is a spirit stone that can stimulate the spirit veins and the spirit channels in the human body. This thing is also very bad, I think we can only detect spirits below the fifth level, if the spirit vein exceeds the fifth level, then this spirit stone might not be able to be detected."

"So that's how it is?" But why can't this spirit stone stimulate my spirit vein? "

"Nonsense, didn't I already tell you? What you have is the Hongmeng Heavenly Spirit Pulse, although it is also called a spirit vein, it is not an ordinary spirit vein. This kind of spirit stone and formation array naturally cannot help you open the Hongmeng Heavenly Spirit Pulse, furthermore, with such a weak array formation and spirit stone, that power might not even dare to come close to you, so how could it possibly help you open a spirit vein? "

"You don't dare to come close to me with your strength? Is strength also conscious? "

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