Ruined Her Innocence/C4 Chapter 4 Drowned!
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Ruined Her Innocence/C4 Chapter 4 Drowned!
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C4 Chapter 4 Drowned!


I know what I have done to Isabella was something unforgivable. I didn't know back then what my real feelings towards her were. All I was thinking of to make her mine.

Since she has appeared and lived with us and everything changed inside me. As if she turned the monster womanizer inside me into an obedient dog by her cuteness and angelic attitude.

I really respected that she never let my brother Zack to kiss her or to sleep with her before marriage. she was pure as crystal. She was a precious diamond.

I envied him for having her! But I hated the fact that I was sure he didn't love her. He was obsessed because she was a virgin, nothing more. He never cared about her. He was just acting like a decent man because he didn't have much time to be fuckboy like me. He was good at wearing a mask of a gentleman but yes, he cheated on her!

I didn't ever cheat on any woman, because I have never promised any of them by any commitment or marriage! I have never ever worn a fake mask to my face. I have always been honest,clear and straightforward.

Yes, I guess I was the good guy after all not my younger brother Zack!

That's why everyone worshiped me and respected me, not just feared me. That's why I was a good businessman!

That's why I wanted to stop Isabella from getting married to Zack; he didn't deserve to be with her.

But I just screwed up when I have gone mad and blinded by jealousy and alcohol thinking of raping her! That was the worst solution ever. But love towards her was so much stronger to be neglected even by my body.

If she was an experienced girl, she would know that I didn't think of what will happen after raping her. Or what my brother or my father might do to me or even if I was sent to jail after that! I just wanted to save her, but my way was aggressive and wrong.

I made a horrible mistake! I know I would bleed and beg for the rest of my life to make her forgive me.

But I was sure that by years and more time, she would be able to understand why I did that! There was no time to stop the wedding.

I wanted to show her how my brother was weak and ugly from the inside. How he didn't care or give a shit about her and how he will react like a selfish guy and abandon her like trash.

Everything happened fast, I felt sorry for her. But I didn't leave her. I held the full responsibilities and I would do anything to make her happy and forget and forgive me for that horrible night.

After taking her parent's house, I drove back to one of the hotels that were owned by our company already. Yes, we were a very fucking rich family.

And my father bugged me to get married and to have an heir. I know that the age gap between Isabella and me was twelve years, but I would like to be her daddy and her husband! I wasn't that old after all!

I left her in the royal suite, she was keeping silent only watching me with her gorgeous eyes. As if she was surrendered. And somehow I didn't want to open up the past because her wound was big and can't be healed in days.

I covered her body with a blanket after placing her in the bed and patted her head gently "please sleep. I will go now and bring clothes for you. Isabella. Don't run away this time, please. Everything will be good. As if you have seen no one helped you but only me." I tried to remind her that even her parents wanted to kill her for something she didn't do.

She nodded her head and sealed her eyes silently. She looked so exhausted and even me more. I have been sitting next to her awake for days while she was in the hospital.

I wanted to get some rest and eat something too. To start preparing for our new next life.

Yes! Getting married to her and not just like that, but it will be tomorrow! As fast as I could. And no one will be able to stop me.

I walked out of the royal suite and closed the door behind me slowly to not disturb her then I grabbed my cell phone from my pocket and called my father "Dad, I just called you to inform you that I will get married to Isabella tomorrow. So prepare yourself. I already invited everyone. Be there at the church at 5 pm and force Zack to come with you. And don't..." I was instructing my father in a firm tone.

"Xander! You don't have to marry her! She is nothing after all." my father cut off my words harshly.

I cut off his words and trailed off my warnings, "dad! If you or Zack tried to ruin that wedding. I swear I will make you lose all your money and your business! Got that! Don't make me do it. The wedding will be tomorrow.."

My father sighed deeply and huffed, "okay, Xander whatever you want. After all, I want you to be happy. We will be there on time." he said, and I hung up with him.

Oh, hell yeah! You want my happiness! You just got scared to lose your money! I mumbled in my mind internally.

Then I stomped in a hurry downstairs and commanded the guards, "go and wait by the royal suite. Take care of my fiancee and don't let her get out of the room."

Then I walked to the manager of the hotel office and barged in, I already own that hotel. I snapped my fingers to him to get up from his seat "listen to me, I want you to prepare for my wedding here tomorrow. A big wedding party at six pm! Got that? I have no time."

"yes, sir, congratulations." he bowed his head cheerfully.

I just turned my heel to the door and started making calls to my assistants and my right hand to send invitations to all the businessmen and ministers in the town. I had no time already.

All I wanted to do by then was buying a wedding dress and groom suit and a few clothes for Isabella.

And go back for her to check on her.

After one hour of driving and shopping.... I drove back to the hotel in a hurry... deep inside me, I was worried that she might try to run away. I wouldn't force her to marry me this time. But I was worried about her. I know that she has freshly graduated from high school, and she had no one to support her except me.

I didn't want to see her suffering in her life!

I opened the door slowly, and thank god guards informed me that she didn't leave the suite. I closed the door and sighed in relief when I found her still in a deep sleep.

I brought fast food with me in my way already.

I sat slowly next to her in bed and moved my fingers to her cheeks gently and whispered: "Isabella, wake up please."

She opened her eyes slowly, almost startled as if she saw a ghost, but then she calmed down. I was sad to see the hatred in her eyes.

But I was sure that she would soon fall in love with me.

"you need to eat something, and then go to take a shower," I told her.

She nodded and adjusted her body, slowly avoiding eye contact with me. She started eating, and I kept watching her only.

Until she has finished, she stood up, I handed her the new clothes "here, I bought a few shirts and jeans for you. This is temporary. But after the wedding, we will go for a honeymoon and buy anything you want."

She gasped shockingly and hoped away, "what! Wedding! Are you serious? When?"

I narrowed my eyes, "yes, our wedding! Tomorrow at 5 pm!"

She gulped nervously and rubbed her neck as if she was choked, then she just nodded and walked to the shower room.

I was seriously worried, I felt that she would try something. But what came into my mind that she might commit suicide!

And that scared me to death! Losing her! No way.

I barged into the shower room to find her in the bathtub. She covered her body with her hands, "what are you doing? Get out!" she hollered at me.

I blew a deep sigh, "sorry, I didn't mean too. I wanted to check on you only."

She stared at me, confused from my attitude. I guess she thought I would rape her again or something. But instead, she apologizes as a decent man.

I closed the door of the shower room behind me and waited for her to come out, which lasted for too long already!

I knocked back on the door, but she didn't answer. I tried to unlock it, but it was locked from inside!

I yelled at her, "open up Isabella!"

But there was no voice, I hit the door with my shoulder with all my strength and smashed the door and found her in the bathtub almost drowned in the water "Isabella Aaaaaa!"


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