Ruined Her Innocence/C7 Chapter 7 stripper!
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Ruined Her Innocence/C7 Chapter 7 stripper!
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C7 Chapter 7 stripper!


I didn't know where to go! I guess somehow Xander was right! Life wasn't going anymore easy for me.

But I didn't regret that I left him in the church! Yes! How could I accept getting married to a rapist after all?!

I would prefer to die and not be his wife ever.

But I guess I didn't plan on running away, seriously I didn't have any money in my purse! How would I live? Where would I find any place to live with no money?!

After running away for a while, I walked to a garden and just sat on the bench, thinking of what I should do. Everyone passing by was looking at me confused. Yes, I was wearing my wedding dress. So obvious to the blind that I'm running the bride!

A small kid ran towards me, he didn't even pass five years old. He smiled in adorable ways as if he was an angel sent to me by God, and as if he could feel the pain in my chest.

He wiped the tears off my cheeks, and all of a sudden hugged me and said softly, "don't cry."

I smiled and hugged him back, and in a minute, his grandmother came searching for him. She sighed in relief, "oh, thank god! He ran away from me. I'm too old to..." she was continuing her words.

Then she stared at me, checking what I was wearing and blew a deep sigh, then she sat next to me and patted my shoulder. "I guess he is not the only one who ran away!"

I smiled weakly and nodded in frustration, "I guess so."

And then I started crying heavily and covered my eyes with my palms sobbing "I don't know where to go. I don't know what I should do. My father would kill me if I came back."

She motherly hugged me and rubbed my back in circles until I calmed down, then she said, "you need to be stronger. If you decided to do something then... don't regret it. And..." she was advising me then lingered her words in the air and trailed off slowly "I could give you a room in my house." she offered.

I pulled my head back and blinked, surprised by her generosity "I don't know what to say. Thank you so much... but... I can't accept that. I need to pay rent."

She nodded her head and stood up "okay then, stay in the room until you find a job and then pay me a rent monthly. Is that okay with you? No one will offer something like that for a small girl like you." she reminded me.

And actually, I wouldn't dare to say no, it was very kind of her to trust an unknown girl like me. I stood up and thanked her insincere tone, "thank you so much. I will try to find a job and pay you soon."

She patted my shoulder then pulled me "okay, let's go now. And about the job.. you could use that dress. You could sell it and start your new life."

And it was like a very smart idea actually, that didn't come into my mind at all. I chuckled lightly. I just received some support, and hopes flashed back to me.

I followed her, her house wasn't big. It was like a small building in a poor neighborhood. But it was okay for me. She showed me my tiny room. It sucked! Like a jail. But better than sleeping in the streets.

I changed my clothes and asked her to give me anything else to wear. Gladly her daughter was the same size as me. She handed me a small casual dress. I wore it and left immediately with the wedding dress in my hands to try to sell.

And yes as I thought, that dress was too expensive, so I sold it immediately to the first brand wedding store. For ten thousand dollars. It was okay. I could live with that sum of money for one year.

That was what I thought, I hurried back, but I was so tired. I jumped into a bus and fell asleep exhausted in the middle of the way. I woke up almost at midnight. I hurried back to her house. And once I was in my room, I didn't find my purse!

Fuck! Dammit! "where's my money?!" I screamed and whined.

And she heard me, she knocked on the door and stepped closer "What happened Isabella?"

"I lost the money!" I slammed my butt to the edge of the bed.

She shook her head and helped me to sleep and covered my body "just sleep now. Relax your mind. It will be okay."

I cursed my luck internally and closed my eyes....

I couldn't sleep anymore. I know that woman was kind, but after all, she will ask me for rent! And how would I eat! Or live! I should search for a job.

But I had no skills! Except.... dancing. I used to dance in high school and in my room all the time. I wanted to be a ballerina when I was very young, but my parents refused.

I jumped off the bed and walked out of the house. It was almost 3 am. And my feet dragged me to a nightclub.

I hesitated at the beginning, but there was nothing else to think about. I need to earn money, and that won't happen without a job!

I stepped inside the nightclub, the guards stopped me at the beginning, "you can't go inside, miss."

"why? Please." I crossed my palms together and made a puppy face pleading for him. He shook his head, explaining "first you are underage and second you don't have any money to step inside that VIP club."

I blurted out confidently, "exactly! I'm here to work!"

He raised an eyebrow, and that's 'when I heard the voice of someone else asking me behind my ears "work! What kind of work?"

I turned my head slowly to see a gorgeous handsome man wearing an obviously very expensive suit. As if he was the manager or the owner of that club. He glared at me for long as if he was checking my face and my body. And then asked me again to snap me back to my senses "miss! Why are you here?"

I inhaled and exhaled deeply then gulped "I'm here to be a stripper!"

He leaned closer to my face as if he was sniffing and then whispered licking the back of my ear in a disgusting way "Okay, But That means I will fuck you anytime I want."



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