Step to Eternal Life/C1 Youthful vigor
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Step to Eternal Life/C1 Youthful vigor
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C1 Youthful vigor

"Humans, as the spirit of all living things, feel the changes in the air, control the six energies, and travel through endless lands." On the Yun Family's training field, a middle-aged man was vividly narrating what had happened.

In front of him, hundreds of youths were sitting cross-legged as they listened attentively. However, there was only one man who looked at her with disdain.

The middle-aged man suddenly glared at the lost youth and shouted harshly, "Chen'er, are you not going to listen again?"

"Father, are you tired from talking about these useless things every day?" After the youth came back to his senses, he wasn't flustered. Instead, he spoke at a leisurely pace.

"Hmph." The middle-aged man couldn't help but be enraged, and then with a wave of his hand, he sent a palm strike towards the youth.

The youth smiled and waved his finger. His right hand seemed to have countless acupoints that rotated the moment he used his power. A burst of power shot out like a ray of light and broke through the wind from the palm before dissipating.

Towards this sort of situation, the surrounding hundreds of youths were not the least bit surprised. This kind of scene seemed to occur frequently.

"You ?" The middle-aged man stretched out his right finger, glaring at the youth. "Reckless and unruly, acting recklessly. Sooner or later, you will suffer a great loss."

With that, he waved his sleeve and left in a rage.

After the middle-aged man left, the surrounding youths surrounded him.

"Chen-gege, you're so awesome. Last time, you weren't a match for Uncle Yun, but now you're sharing the glory."

"That's right, Brother Chen, you're too awesome."

The group of people kept praising Yun Chen. The man had an envious expression while the woman had an expression of adoration on her face, looking ready to throw herself into their arms.

As for Yun Chen, who was sitting in the middle, he was enjoying this pleasure very much.

For many years, he had always been under the strict supervision of his father. However, three years ago, he started to cultivate. He opened his acupoints, opened his meridians, condensed his meridians, and improved by leaps and bounds along the way. His cultivation was not weaker than his father Yun Tianhao, and he even became the number one genius of the Cloud Region.

This was a good thing, but for some reason, Yun Tianhao did his best to suppress Yun Chen's cultivation, and even when he had a breakthrough, he did not mention a word about it, and sealed the news. He did not leak it out, and only knew of the few elders with high Reputation in Yun Family and profound cultivation. Furthermore, he had instructed Yun Chen not to easily reveal his cultivation.

Although Yun Chen seemed stubborn, he still followed his father's instructions, and did not dare to go overboard.

At night, the moonlight shone down. Yun Chen excitedly walked into his father's study. When the door opened, he saw his father frowning as he sat at his desk, reading an old book.

Every night, he would definitely read in the study for a few hours, and the books he read would be records of ancient legends and ancient books. As for whether or not it was real, no one could say for sure.

"What? You still know how to find me?" Without even lifting his head, Yun Tianhao knew that he was the one who had come.

"Hmph." Yun Chen held his hands together, the excitement on his face changed to haughtiness as he raised his head high, and said rather meaningfully, "Father, I have already grown up. My world does not only belong to Navy Tide. "

"What are you trying to say?" Yun Tianhao slowly raised his head and stared at Yun Chen, but a bad premonition rose in his heart.

"It's nothing. It's just that I've already reached the Peak Luo Stage, and am preparing to step into the Dao to break through to the Sublimation Stage."

Just as he finished speaking, Yun Tianhao stood up abruptly, and could not help but yell angrily: "Nonsense, you're betting your life on this!"

"I don't believe that with my innate talent, I won't be able to break through this Sublimation Stage and open the door to cultivation."

Yun Chen didn't have the slightest bit of fear as he stared straight at Yun Tianhao, not cowering in the slightest.

"You ?" Yun Tianhao wanted to speak up again, but was unable to retort.

Indeed, ever since Yun Chen had opened his mind three years ago, his cultivation could be said to be unimpeded and unimpeded. Others would need at least a few years to fully open all 72 meridians in their body, but he only needed half a year to completely open them.

After that, no one taught themselves, and after reading some books, they would master the Invigorated Meridian and complete eight meridians in less than a year.

But now, he had actually reached Peak Luo Stage. This meant that he no longer needed to reveal his true colors. Next up, as long as he could not use his meridians on the basis of what he already had, he could go straight to the Sublimation Stage and open the door to cultivation.

"What? Father, you don't believe me?" When Yun Chen opened his mouth once again, he actually wanted to be the host, pushing Yun Tianhao closer to him step by step. After all, he was his father, so he still had some respect for Yun Tianhao.

Seeing that Yun Chen was full of confidence, Yun Tianhao knew that there was no turning back this matter over. Then, this was the only way ?

"Come look for me at Posterior Mountain tomorrow, I will give you a satisfactory result." With that, he waved his hand, signaling Yun Chen to leave.

After Yun Chen heard this, although he did not understand, he still had the patience from last night.

Posterior Mountain, this was the place where the Yun Family's young generation cultivated. Wild beasts frequently appeared within the cave. As long as one's cultivation wasn't very weak, they could cultivate here. They could fight with wild beasts and gain battle experience. Normal people would be able to live without any worries and at most suffer light injuries.

But this was only the outer perimeter of the Posterior Mountain, which could be divided into three levels. On the outside, the cultivation grounds were usually for the Spirit Realm cultivators, but on the second floor, it was for the Pulse Stage cultivators. Most of the people who came to the second floor were the older generation of the Yun Family cultivators.

As for the last floor, it was the place where Yun Family Elders trained. Usually, very few people would come here. Furthermore, the beasts inside were no longer wild beasts. They could be called Demon Beast because their cultivation had reached the Luo Stage. If they took one more step, they would become great demons of the Sublimation Stage. Thus, one could imagine how dangerous this place was.

But last night, the Posterior Mountain that Yun Tianhao mentioned to him was the deepest level, it was an invisible test for Yun Chen.

Inside the Posterior Mountain, Yun Tianhao was already waiting for Yun Chen in an empty spot in the innermost area.

And at this time, Yun Chen was on his way. Although he had not come here for this Posterior Mountain a few times, he was still quite familiar with the terrain inside.

"Hmph, you're still testing me like this?" Beneath a big tree, Yun Chen's fist was dripping fresh blood, but this time, it was not him, but a fierce tiger beneath his feet. With its eyes turned white, it died under Yun Chen's fist.

Early in the morning, Yun Chen went to the Posterior Mountain alone. However, for some reason, those beasts and Demon Beast kept attacking him, and now that he had just entered the second floor, the number of beasts that had died under his fists was no less than ten. Furthermore, there were three Demon Beast that had ambushed him before. Yun Chen had already understood a bit of the trick behind it.

Beneath the tree, Yun Chen, after resting for a bit and adjusting his state, jumped up onto the branch. Since something on his body was being locked onto by the beasts and Demon Beast, he decided to rush over from the trees. One must know that there were no Demon Beast that could fly here, and as for the Demon Beast on the ground, daring to sneak attack them was courting death.

After making his decision, Yun Chen quickly passed by numerous large trees and rushed to the innermost layer of Posterior Mountain.

Within the Posterior Mountain, Yun Tianhao was still standing in an empty spot. He looked around, as if he was trying to sense something, and then smiled lightly: "Good Boy knows how to use his brain."

With that, he flicked his finger and a mysterious pill shot out from his hand. With an incredible speed, it disappeared into the forest.

On top of the big tree, Yun Chen was still hurrying his journey. Suddenly, a loud roar came out, not far from him, the pill shot out by Yun Tianhao was swallowed by a Demon Beast in a single gulp.

"This is?" Yun Chen immediately stopped in his tracks. Through a few leaves, he saw a Demon Beast that was completely red, as if it was constantly bathing in the sea of blood. Even though it was a few feet away, he could still feel the blood thirst in the heart of the Demon Beast.

What was shocking was that there were several pustules on its back that looked like they could shoot out venom at any moment.

"Could it be the Venomous Venom that Father often spoke of?" Yun Chen couldn't help but swallow his saliva. He had only heard about this Demon Beast from his father before, but he couldn't believe that this was a Demon Beast from the Primordial Era.

"Aooo ?" After the Venomous Venom swallowed the pill, it stared at Yun Chen. Its long whip lightly swayed, and a strong, yet bloody breath came out from its mouth.

"Not good, it noticed me." Yun Chen was roused from his stupor and was no longer immersed in his memories.

Just as he woke up from his stupor, the Venomous Venom, after letting out a roar, suddenly rushed over.

Those sharp sword-like claws were emitting waves of cold air. If he wasn't going to exercise, then this was a real fight to the death.

Yun Chen did not dare fight face to face with him, when the Venomous Venom was rushing towards him, he opened his hands and whirled, steadily landing on the ground. He then immediately activated his Qi, causing all 72 acupoints in his body to spin, the power in his body flowed through the acupoints, through the eight meridians, and finally to the entire body.

At this time, after the Venomous Venom missed, the wings on its back shook, and like Yun Chen, it also fell to the ground and actually pounced forward once again.

Yun Chen had already adjusted himself, with the power of the meridian channeling into it, his right leg shot out as if he had divine assistance, the sole of his foot leapt towards the Venomous Venom and accurately kicked its abdomen, then with a somersault, he flipped out.

As for the Venomous Venom, under Yun Chen's attack, it merely roared lightly, and cried out in pain, but it was not injured.

"Such a thick skin?" Yun Chen could not help but sigh. But now was not the time to be emotional, his battle experience was not bad, and he immediately jumped up from the ground, then opened up his hands, and at this time, around his hands, an invisible aura seemed to gradually gather, and a ripple could be seen undulating unceasingly.

The Venomous Venom seemed to have sensed something, and immediately smacked the ground with its palm, bringing up a cloud of dust. Then, with a low roar, a string of sound waves, covered in dust, shot out like a light wave straight at Yun Chen.

Yun Chen's eyes became serious, his expression solemn, and just as the light wave was about to reach him, he roared: "Cloudpaw, activate..."

With a bang, the surrounding trees trembled. After being attacked by the Pulse Arts of the two sides, the shockwave created by the collision spread outwards.

As for Yun Chen, he naturally suffered from a lot of backlash. His chest felt heavy and he spat out a mouthful of blood.

On the other side, the Venomous Venom was also not feeling well. Relying on its strong physique, it used its palms to release waves of air, but it was still scratched and left with a pool of blood. With its crafty eyes, it looked at Yun Chen with a grave look in its eyes. With a low growl, it flapped its wings and flew away, disappearing without a trace.

"Is it gone?" Yun Chen was a little confused. If this battle continued, the one who would die would be him.

Yun Chen did not care about the look in the Venomous Venom's eyes, he just broke out in a cold sweat. Its intelligence did not seem to be inferior to a human's, why did it want to leave?

Although Yun Chen was suspicious, he still rushed to the innermost layer. After thinking to this point, Yun Chen swallowed a pill and jumped onto a tree branch, continuing his journey.

For some reason, ever since he fought with the Venomous Venom, there had been no more Demon Beast on his way.

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