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Lanwenmei College.

The morning sun was just right in the middle of the sky. It shone warmly all over the academy, causing the air to feel warm as well.

At the entrance of the academy, a youth walked in from afar. He looked to be only thirteen or fourteen years old, but he held a long sword in his hand. His sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes gave him an imposing look.

This youth, walked to the entrance of the academy and raised his head to look at the large golden words: Lanwenmei College.

He suddenly revealed a slight smile and muttered to himself, "This is the academy my brother joined, I want to go in and take a look as well!"

The young man was called Mu Tianfeng. He was a swordsman and had trained in dou qi since young. He was already in the intermediate stage of the swordsman stage. In terms of strength, it could be considered quite good.

However, he had an even more famous older brother, who was said to be the number one young disciple of the Lanwenmei College.

His brother was called Mu Tianyu.

Because of Big Brother's strength and Big Brother's fame, Mu Tianfeng wanted to enter Lanwenmei College to learn. Now he had finally run away from home and come here.

"Um, is this place the Lanwenmei College?"

Just as Mu Tianfeng was about to enter the Academy, a clear voice came out from behind him. The owner of the voice seemed to be puzzled.

"It should be, since it says Lanwenmei College anyway." Mu Tianfeng tilted his head and answered seriously.

"Oh, so you're also someone who wants to join the academy!" The person behind, already knew what Mu Tianfeng meant, and might be thinking that this guy was also a little confused.

Mu Tianfeng could not help but turn his head to look, only to see a cute little girl standing behind him.

She looked young, about twelve or thirteen years old.

However, this young girl was slim and graceful. A pair of large watery eyes, as if she could speak, appeared to be extremely beautiful.

His face was also that of a pear. It was the most good-looking kind of face he had.

Beauty, mouth, and nose were all just right.

His whole figure was extremely tall.

It looked perfect.

He could not help but be stunned as he knew that the girl had introduced herself. His face reddened as he felt that he had lost his composure.

"What's your name?" My name is Mo Beibei. " The young girl said.

"Mu Tianfeng!" Mu Tianfeng answered quickly.

"Hmm, then let's go in together!" Mo Beibei said.

The two quickly became familiar with each other.

Mo Beibei told Mu Tianfeng that she wanted to enter the Lanwenmei College entirely because of a person called Mu Tianyu. He was extremely famous, and he was an example to all the youths of his generation. In order to be able to see this legendary youth in the Academy, Mo Beibei came to the Academy to study by herself.

Mu Tianfeng nodded when he heard his, thinking that she had come for her brother, but he felt happy. Ever since he was young, he himself had been envious of his elder brother, who was only ten years older than him. Mu Tianfeng was also very happy. There was someone who could envy his brother.

Mo Beibei was an innocent person and looked extremely happy. She did not doubt Mu Tianfeng's and Mu Tianyu's names. After all, there was only a one word difference between the two of them. However, judging by their appearance and age, it would be difficult for ordinary people to guess that they were brothers.

Mu Tianfeng and Mu Tianyu weren't the same. Mu Tianfeng was more handsome, but Mu Tianyu had a dignified appearance, looking very heroic.

However, even though they had asked many people in the academy, they were unable to find Mu Tianfeng.

"Uh, could it be that Big Brother Tian Yu went out to train?" Mo Beibei asked with some doubt. But very quickly, she stopped worrying about this matter. Instead, she said happily, "Tianfeng, let's go participate in the academy's exam together. Let's enter the same academy as brother Tianyu!"

Mu Tianfeng nodded and agreed.

The tone of the two of them were at first extremely confident. It was just like how they felt. After passing the academy's test, becoming a disciple of the academy was an extremely easy thing to do. However, only the disciples who had participated in it would know. This was a rather difficult matter. Many people left with endless hope and disappointment.

Lanwenmei College was the continent's most famous academy of Dou Qi and Magic. Every day, there were many people who wanted to join the academy. However, passing the academy's test wasn't that simple at all.

The academy took a fancy to the natural talents of the disciples. For people with poor talent, the academy would never accept them, even if they were to participate in several tests.

The two of them found a passing disciple and asked him where the test site was. After that person heard this, he passionately led the way and arrived at the testing site.

The man pointed to the place where the long line had been set up and said, "Look, that's the place!"

Mu Tianfeng and Mo Beibei looked over, and saw that there were a few hundred people lined up, and could not help but be shocked. After thanking him, he went to the end of the line.

The two of them stood there for a short while before a disciple walked out happily. Then, they saw many disciples walking out while crying.

It looked like not many people had passed. Of the ten people who saw it, only one of them managed to pass.

"Sigh, it seems like passing the academy's test will be difficult!" A teenager in front of Mu Tianfeng said with a frown on his face. He was wearing sky-blue clothes.

"Excuse me, how many tests are there?" Mu Tianfeng asked curiously.

Mo Beibei also seemed interested.

The sky blue clothed youth couldn't help but turn his head over when he heard that someone was behind him. Originally, he was the last one. However, when he looked over, he had already sent over twenty people. He couldn't help but shake his head. The fame of Lanwenmei College was just too great, and many people came due to admiration.

When the blue-clothed youth saw the craving on their faces, he said, "Actually, the test is divided into three parts. The first is the innate talent test. If your innate talent isn't good enough, you won't be able to join the academy. "

"Secondly, it's a test of how the moves are used. The use of battle qi, the use of demonic energy, the use of magic attacks. It's still the same, not skilled enough to pass the test. "

"Third, is the endurance test. For those whose patience the academy has set their eyes on, if their patience isn't good enough, they won't be able to pass the test! "

Hearing his words, Mu Tianfeng and Mo Beibei both had calm expressions. They were thinking in their hearts: It seems that these tests will not be difficult to pass.

In terms of talent, this was fated by the heavens. This was an undeniable fact. Good is good, bad is basically bad. Mu Tianfeng and Mo Beibei were both confident that it would not be difficult for them to pass on this point.

As for the test of moves and endurance, it tested a person's diligence and proficiency in his techniques. The test of efforts in the day after tomorrow was also very easy to pass.

However, they did not think that everyone thought the same way for the simple matter.

"Wow, so there are so many tests. It seems like I won't be able to pass any of them!" A youth standing behind them said.

"That's right. I still have to test my moves. My training is just so-so. I'm done for!" After the other person finished speaking, he turned around and left without even having the courage to take the test.

The others all sighed.

However, there was also a group of people who were full of fighting spirit.

Perhaps, in their opinion, these are some of the factors that test one's nature. If he could pass the test, it would prove that he was an exceptional genius.

From their eyes, Mu Tianfeng could see that they were eager to give it a try.

He and Mo Beibei, on the other hand, looked indifferent. From their point of view, passing the test was inevitable. It was just a smooth walk.

The number of people in the team slowly changed. The number of people in front decreased, while the number of people behind them increased.

Mu Tianfeng looked at the hundred of people, and only a few smiled. This shocked him. So the passing rate for the test was even lower than he had expected.

Finally, it was Mu Tianfeng's turn, the blue-clothed youth. He stood in the doorway of the testing room, trembling with nervousness and indecision.

"Go on, you might even pass the test!" Mu Tianfeng smiled leisurely and comforted his.

"That's true. There's no point in overthinking it!" The person also clenched his teeth, and after looking at Mu Tianfeng gratefully for a moment, he walked in.

From the looks of it, it seemed to be determined.

At this point, Mu Tianfeng was a little nervous. Although he was confident that his talent wasn't bad, if it really wasn't good, wouldn't that mean he had lost face for his big brother?

Time passed, bit by bit, and his heart pounded non-stop.

Suddenly, he saw a blue ray of light appear. Immediately after, he saw a person who was extremely happy and laughed, "Brother, I've passed the test!"

Mu Tianfeng raised his head to look, it was the youth from before. He was also very happy for him, saying, "Wait for me, I'll be right back!"

The man was surprised by Mu Tianfeng's confidence as he stood there stunned. After a long while, she finally turned to ask Mo Beibei, and said: "Who was that who went in just now, looking very confident?"

Mo Beibei said: "His name is Mu Tianfeng!"

The man smiled and said, "My name is Zhang Tian Hao." Suddenly, he felt something was wrong, and he muttered to himself, "Mu Tianfeng, why does this sound a little familiar. Mu Tianfeng, Mu Tianyu, could they be brothers? "

Hearing him say that, Mo Beibei immediately slapped her head, and said: "How could I be so confused, it's very possible!"

The two of them looked inside, waiting for Mu Tianfeng to come out. If he came really fast, it proved that he was Mu Tianyu's little brother without a doubt.

In the testing hall.

When Mu Tianfeng entered, he discovered that there were a few disciples inside, and even a middle-aged teacher.

The teacher looked exhausted. After all, he had already tested so many people. Seeing Mu Tianfeng, the teacher pointed to a crystal-like ball and said: "Go and hold it down!"

Mu Tianfeng nodded his head, thinking that he should also use a test ball. This sort of thing existed in their home as well. On the test ball, there were several different colored lights that appeared, depending on the talent of the person.

In general, light is the color of the rainbow, red the worst, purple the best. And among the different colors, the lighter the color, the worse the aptitude. The darker the color, the better the talent.

Mu Tianfeng took a deep breath, calmly walked to the side of the test ball and placed both of his hands on it. The exam teacher could not help but be interested, he felt that Mu Tianfeng was a little different.

The others were all trembling in fear, while he looked relaxed, as if he didn't care about the test at all.

The teacher thought to himself: Will he be able to pass the test, or does he not even know the difficulty of the test?

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