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Mu Tianfeng's hand had already been placed on the test ball. However, after a long while, there was no reaction at all from the test ball. There was no light at all, not even the most ordinary scarlet light.

Red was the innate light that anyone would have, and was the worst. To enter Lanwenmei College without a dark orange glow was simply impossible.

This threshold had been difficult for many people, but no one had shown any signs of shining during the test.

The exam teacher could not help but be shocked, thinking that the test ball broke? After all, there was no such thing as light. Ordinary people could also possess weak innate abilities, and could emit faint rays of light.

A few disciples by the side, upon seeing this situation, rushed over and wanted to push Mu Tianfeng away.

During the clan examination, Mu Tianfeng had never encountered such a situation. However, his previous test results had always been cyan, which was quite good. However, his brother Mu Tianyu's Inherent Skill was blue, he was afraid that he would lose face for his brother.

Therefore, he was still a bit nervous when he came in.

Now, seeing that there was no reaction at all from the test ball, beads of sweat dripped down his forehead as he innocently said, "This … That... The test ball shouldn't be broken right? "

The teacher smiled in embarrassment and scratched his head, about to explain that he was done for.

Suddenly, he heard a "Ah!"

On the side, a young disciple pointed at the test ball with his mouth wide open, as though he had seen the most unbelievable thing in the world.

Hearing this disciple's cry of surprise, the exam teacher couldn't help but turn his head over. What he saw was that the test ball was shining brightly.

Its color was gradually changing. There was a red color, orange, then yellow, green, red, and green. When it became a deep blue color, it slowly stopped.

"Impossible, this young man's talent is too heaven-defying!" The exam teacher's mouth was wide open, revealing a look of disbelief.

"The last person who had such a heaven-defying talent was Mu Tianyu!" He continued mumbling to himself. The shock in his voice was clear to see.

"Teacher, the test light ball has not stopped yet!"

Another disciple whispered.

The exam teacher couldn't help but look over, only to see the light continue to change, from the original deep blue, slowly turning light purple.

Only at this point did he completely stop.

Everyone was shocked.

The disciples were completely speechless. The one with the best talent was only dark yellow.

And in front of this new disciple, this was truly laughable. His talent was several levels higher than theirs.

The exam teacher was completely shocked.

"Heavens, a super genius is about to appear in our academy, and his talent is definitely something no one can compare to." He exaggerated, "Light Purple, a genius among geniuses, it's not too much to call him a peerless genius!"

This teacher felt that he had gone insane. He had never encountered such a shocking event.

But now, they had encountered each other.

Mu Tianfeng was a little stunned, his Inherent Skill Test seemed to be better than the rest of his family's. When one reached the peak of purple, this sort of talent was extremely rare. It was said that a youth with a purple innate talent was already not bad even after a thousand years.

And now, in the past thousand years, it had never appeared.

"Could it be that my talent is even better than my brother's?" Mu Tianfeng thought that this was unbelievable, but he was also secretly pleased with himself.

That teacher was already looking at him as if he was looking at a treasure. The look in his eyes was so fervent that Mu Tianfeng felt a little embarrassed.

Mu Tianfeng said: "About that, let's continue the test!"

After this reminder, the teacher came to his senses. The test was not over yet. He smiled and said, "Actually, according to your talent, you don't need the other two tests at all."

"If I don't pass, I'll still be able to join the academy!"

"But for the sake of going through the process, we should still take the test!"

Mu Tianfeng nodded, he did not feel troubled about it at all. After all, this test was not particularly difficult for him.

The exam master calmed his mood down and brought Mu Tianfeng to another place.

This place was relatively empty, and what they tested was the level of proficiency in each move. From the proficiency of a single move, one could tell the level of diligence of Fighter and Magician.

The teacher was interested in this as well.

He kept talking to the disciples. Innate talent was very important. But the efforts of the day after tomorrow were also indispensable. Sometimes, even postnatal efforts were even more important. If a person didn't work hard, a genius could also be surpassed by a mediocre person.

The teacher looked at Mu Tianfeng and said: "Since you use the sword, then let's test your Sword Arts. Execute a set of Sword Arts s, and let me see how proficient you are! "

Mu Tianfeng nodded.

He took out his sword, and when he pulled it out, a cold light flashed.

This teacher was shocked once again. He discovered that Mu Tianfeng's longsword, in terms of quality, could also be considered to be quite good in terms of Lanwenmei College. With regards to Mu Tianfeng's identity, he could not help but feel some anticipation.

Mu Tianfeng took a deep breath.

However, just the casual stance itself already made people feel that the demeanor of having Fighter was one of great potential.

He made his move.

With a light shout, Mu Tianfeng suddenly thrusted out with his sword. It seemed like a normal sword strike, but his attack was as fast as lightning. In an instant, the crowd only felt a cold glint in their eyes. Everyone who saw it felt that the cold aura was getting closer and closer and was not feeling well at all.

This teacher was getting more and more excited as he watched.

Mu Tianfeng's strength wasn't considered too strong at the moment. Because he was young, he was only in the middle stage of the Swordsman Stage.

His set of Sword Arts was not particularly powerful. However, when it came to sword moves, he had gone through a process of meditation.

After finishing the set of Sword Arts, Mu Tianfeng stood there casually. He did not breathe out and he looked very calm.

"Very good, your proficiency in your moves has passed!" The exam teacher said happily. He seemed to be very happy today as he encountered an extremely talented disciple.

The disciples taking the exam all looked at Mu Tianfeng with a bit of envy. Their talent was not as good as Mu Tianfeng's. Furthermore, their familiarity with their techniques was probably not as good as Mu Tianfeng's.

Originally, they had only felt that Mu Tianfeng was just a little better talented, but now, they could tell that Mu Tianfeng was also very hardworking.

An absolute genius working hard, that was even more terrifying.

Being looked at by them, Mu Tianfeng felt somewhat embarrassed. All of this was something that was natural to him. After all, his older brother had heaven-defying talent. He couldn't be weak either.

So he took the initiative to remind her, saying, "About that … Let's proceed with the next test! "

The test teacher smiled and brought him to another place. There were several huge rocks in this place. From one hundred Jin to ten thousand Jin.

The test of patience.

The teacher said, "There are boulders of varying weights here. Pick one that is close to the bottom limit of your strength. "Raise your horse stance and let us see how long you can last!"

Mu Tianfeng nodded and walked over.

Looking at the numbers written on the giant rock, Zhang Xuan realized that it wasn't suitable for him at all. He only stopped in front of the five thousand jin boulder.

This action couldn't help but cause people to be astonished.

The testing teacher said, "You're a intermediate stage swordsman, but your strength should only be 500 Jin. How can you run up to 5000 Jin? Come at me!"

Actually, other than an accident when Mu Tianyu came here, no one else would be able to use boulders that weighed more than one thousand kilograms. After all, the disciples who joined were all quite young and their strength was limited.

Mu Tianfeng said: "Let's try this!"

As he spoke, he used both his hands to grip the two ends of the boulder tightly. With a loud shout, the boulder was lifted off the ground. As for him, his legs were aggrieved as he took a horse stance!

"Heavens! Did he really pick him up?"

"Impossible! That's a power of 5,000 jin! Could it be that his strength exceeds 10 times that of cultivation?"

The other disciples, on the other hand, were incomparably admiring; they even somewhat crazily worshipped him. Judging from Mu Tianfeng's performance, it could be said that he was definitely the next Mu Tianyu, or perhaps even stronger than Mu Tianyu.

The teacher examiners felt that something was amiss. Mu Tianfeng's strength was not that strong. He sent out his divine sense and probed about.

Inside Mu Tianfeng's body, he felt a surge of tyrannical power, as if he couldn't control it at all. This situation was somewhat familiar to him.

He had once heard a few lecturers in the academy say that Mu Tianyu also had powers that he couldn't control. And now, Mu Tianyu was actually looking for a treasure that could suppress this power.

This youngster's situation was similar to Mu Tianyu's.

The examiner didn't think this was a coincidence.

Immediately after, he began to carefully measure his surroundings to see how long Mu Tianfeng could last.

Drip! Drip!

A drop of perspiration, like soybeans, streaked across Mu Tianfeng's face.

Next was the second drop, and the third …

More and more.

Soon, a small puddle of water appeared in front of him.

All sweat.

Mu Tianfeng continued to persevere, persevere, and persevere.

From his eyes, it was impossible to tell that he wanted to give up.

The exam teacher's heart ached at the sight of this. If this future student of his, who was so proud of himself, got tired, then he wouldn't be worth it.

Mu Tianfeng was immediately interrupted: "I think you've already passed!"

When Mu Tianfeng heard it, he immediately put down the huge boulder in his hand and laughed, showing his happiness.

The other disciples were completely convinced. They were absolutely impressed by Mu Tianfeng's performance just now. Being able to hold the boulder for so long had already surpassed the previous records.

And the most important thing was that Mu Tianfeng had completely surpassed the boulder's strength by ten times. If it was a five hundred Jin boulder, he would probably be able to hold on for a day and a night.

A disciple walked in front of Mu Tianfeng and said: "Write your name here, and then, someone will naturally arrange for you to join the Academy!"

Mu Tianfeng picked up his brush and wrote three big words, before he immediately left!

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