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After Mu Tianfeng left, the disciple looked at the words that he wrote and was immediately stunned.

These three words were undoubtedly gorgeous. One could tell that his master had great skills and was a very cultured person.

But what surprised him the most was the two words themselves.

"Mu Tianfeng? I'm not seeing things wrong? " He asked the disciple beside him.

That disciple also looked over and discovered that the three words were very pretty. But literally, that was it, so he nodded.

"Tell me, is there any connection between him and Mu Tianyu?" The previous disciple said.

"Maybe, maybe not!" Another disciple said.

The previous disciple wanted to say something, but seeing that someone else had entered, he could only continue to prepare.

The person who entered this time was a young girl.

It was Mo Beibei who was behind Mu Tianfeng.

She smiled as she entered the exam. The other two tests were both easy to pass. However, on the test light ball, the test teacher was also shocked.

This girl's talent was actually dark blue.

This was incredible, the super genius Mu Tianyu of Lanwenmei College was only mediocre.

The disciples who had questions before, were now a little relieved. They felt that Mu Tianfeng might not be related to Mu Tianfeng at all. After all, from what Mo Beibei could tell, he was definitely not blood related to Mu Tianfeng.

Seeing their shocked expressions, Mo Beibei said happily, "Could it be that I am the most talented disciple in the history of the academy?"

She knew that it had been many years since a person with a purple innate talent had appeared on the continent. Dark blue was the best color.

The previously doubtful disciple opened his mouth and was about to say that Mu Tianfeng's talent was better than hers. The teacher suddenly glared at him, signaling him not to say anything. The talent of the disciples taking the test was usually not publicly announced.

Otherwise, during the academy's studies, there would be people who would take the opportunity to kill those with heaven-defying talents. After all, not every disciple was peaceful.

That disciple, after knowing the rules of the academy, immediately stuck out his tongue and didn't say anything.

However, the exam teacher laughed: "Your talent is very good, you're about the same as Mu Tianyu."

This Mu Tianyu had already become famous on the continent, so it wasn't bad to say him out loud.

However, Mo Beibei was excited, leaving some beautiful words on the paper, and happily left. Wasn't she just joining the Academy for the sake of being an example to Mu Tianyu? Now that he heard that her talent was the same as his, she was immediately encouraged. She felt that if she could continue cultivating this technique, she would definitely be able to become the next Sword Sovereign.

And the Sword Sovereign, was Mu Tianyu's current realm.

Shocking the world.

Among the young disciples, there was simply no one who could achieve such a feat.

And in terms of Sword Sovereign, there were only two realms, the Sword Saint and the Sword God.

It could be said that Mu Tianyu's peerless strength was enough to leave a name in history;

After Mo Beibei went out, she saw Mu Tianfeng and the previous disciple. There, she also smiled and said: "Do you guys know, my strength is similar to the Mu Tianyu of the legends?"

She didn't try to hide her voice, so everyone heard her.

The other disciples all had shocked expressions on their faces.

Mu Tianyu?

He was a legendary genius.

And this delicate young lady in front of him, was actually around the same strength as him.

Wasn't this extremely shocking? Could she also become the next Sword Sovereign?

Suddenly, the gazes from the others towards her became strange.

Some people envied her, thought she was a freak, a heaven-defying person.

Some felt that they were being threatened and had to work hard in their cultivation to surpass her.

Some people, on the other hand, were full of jealousy.

After the blue-clothed youth introduced himself, he was already very familiar with Mu Tianfeng. His name was Wei Daniu, and he came from an ordinary family.

Wei Daniu said enviously: "Mo Beibei, your Inherent skill is just right, it's much better than mine. In the future, you have to protect me at the academy! "

Mu Tianfeng also congratulated him, but he was a little pleased with himself. His brother's talent was just a little bit worse than his own.

Mo Beibei looked extremely happy.

The three of them waited there for a while.

Someone had come to lead them to the academy's residence.

Lanwenmei College, the residences of the disciples, were divided into two types.

One was a room that cost money, the other was a separate room that was better for living in.

The other was the ones that didn't spend any money, and the ones that lived slightly worse, they lived together.

Spending ten thousand silver coins a year was equivalent to a thousand gold coins. In the entire continent, there were very few people who could afford it.

After these disciples made things clear.

Wei Daniu said: "Alright, I will go and live in a house then!"

It seemed like this person didn't have much money.

Mu Tianfeng and Mo Beibei, on the other hand, unhesitatingly chose a house to stay in.

It looked like they were rather rich.

Wei Daniu looked at them with a bit of envy, but he quickly said, "After I go out and kill the Devil Beast, I will be your neighbor even if I have to earn money!"

Mu Tianfeng said: "Alright, when you kill the Devil Beast, you must call me!"

Mu Tianfeng knew that there would be Devil Beast s in every forest. The Devil Beast, on the other hand, was different from normal beasts as it could actively absorb spirit energy.

Devil Beast were wild beasts that could cultivate, and were much stronger than them.

However, to the disciples of the academy, he was a good target for them to earn money and gain experience from.

Mu Tianfeng and Mo Beibei were briefly separated from each other.

Meanwhile, they had arrived at the room where they were supposed to pay.

It was a single room.

It was actually very big and very luxurious.

There was nothing missing from it.

After Mu Tianfeng entered, he looked at the illusion, and nodded in satisfaction. Everything here wasn't as good as the clan, but it was already pretty good outside.

The few disciples, after leading them to peace and quiet, went to help arrange the others.

Mu Tianfeng laid down to rest.

He looked out of the window and saw that the moon was getting darker, yet he thought of Mu Tianyu every single time.

Mu Tianyu was ten years older than him, and he had entered the academy before him. Actually, the Mu Clan was not bad on the continent. However, in order to train the two young masters, the clan had to put them in the academy. Only by fighting with different people could one cultivate true geniuses.

Mu Tianyu entered the Academy and became famous in the world.

After Mu Tianfeng was born, there was naturally someone who would whisper in his ear that Mu Tianyu was an example to learn. Mu Tianfeng knew since he was young that he wanted to learn from his brother.

And now, he had also joined Lanwenmei College, moving closer to his brother.

He was a bit uncertain as to whether he could catch up with his brother or not.

In terms of talent, Mu Tianfeng held the advantage. However, training and the hard work and opportunities of the Pre-Sky Realm were indispensable.

could one enter the Sword Sovereign realm, or even surpass it?

Mu Tianfeng was not certain.

He only knew that he would definitely work extremely hard and would definitely not disappoint his family.

"Big brother, you will always be my learning partner!" Mu Tianfeng clenched his fists tightly and said softly.

Suddenly, he heard a knock on the door.

Helpless, he could only get up.

When he opened the door, he saw Mo Beibei outside.

At this moment, it was already dark, and she looked to be in high spirits.

"Did you sleep early? If you can't sleep, let's chat! " Mo Beibei said to herself, then walked in again.

In regards to this, Mu Tianfeng was very speechless.

He was about to fall asleep. He had caused a ruckus, alright?

However, the two of them were, after all, new disciples who had entered the Academy at the same time.

Mo Beibei looked at his room and discovered that she was a clean and tidy person.

Good packing.

It didn't look messy at all.

But it made her feel a little guilty, and she herself left everything in the room. In any case, no one else would go out, so she wasn't afraid at all.

"Did you know, Mu Tianyu doesn't seem to be in the academy anymore?" Mo Beibei sat on the chair and said.

"What?" Brother... He's not in the academy anymore, so where did he go? " Mu Tianfeng was shocked. He had originally planned to visit his brother when he was free, but it seemed like it was not possible.

"Someone said he went out to gain experience." After all, he often goes out to adventure, so no one knows when he will return! " Mo Beibei said.

After she came here, the thing she wanted to do the most was to see Mu Tianyu, to see what kind of person this legendary genius was.

However, after looking around the academy, she heard someone say that he had already left. Mo Beibei was a little disappointed. She then thought of Mu Tianfeng and came over to chat with him.

Seeing that Mu Tianfeng was also disappointed, Mo Beibei immediately became happy. She felt that it was about the same as Mu Tianfeng, and that there was someone who recognized him.

However, the reason for their disappointment wasn't exactly the same.

The two of them chatted very late for the day.

Mo Beibei was easily optimistic, she always had a lot of things to tell Mu Tianfeng. This girl was also extremely confident in herself, dreaming of one day becoming an expert like Mu Tianyu.

Gradually, it got later and later.

The two of them gradually fell asleep.

As Mo Beibei sat on the chair, she immediately fell asleep.

It looked somewhat comfortable.

Mu Tianfeng endured his sleepiness and put her on his bed, covering his with his blanket.

Then he sat down on the floor and began to meditate.

Traces of spiritual energy followed his meridians and entered his dantian, turning into his battle qi.

Regardless of where or when, he would always seize the opportunity to cultivate. In his mind, there was always a voice telling him to chase after his brother.

In order to be strong, he worked hard.

The night slowly passed as he cultivated. Actually, on this night, Mu Tianfeng was the calmest person while the other disciples who passed were completely excited. To them, joining the academy was their greatest dream. It was something inconceivable after it was realized.

As for Mu Tianfeng, this was just a trivial process in his life.

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