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The morning after they had joined the academy, many disciples had woken up early.

Mu Tianfeng and Mo Beibei were no exception.

When Mo Beibei woke up, she realized that she was not in her own room, nor was she sleeping on her own bed. She suddenly became alert and came over, looking around, only to see Mu Tianfeng on the ground, quietly meditating. She immediately let out a breath and smiled as she felt that this person wasn't bad.

After they were ready, they walked towards the Scripture Pavilion together.

In the Scripture Pavilion, there were martial skills and cultivation techniques for everyone to choose from. The cultivation method of the Spiritual Strength could also be learned here.

Generally speaking, every student that joined would enter this place the next day to select their disciples. According to the academy's rules, the disciples were given a chance to choose.

Everyone treasured this selection greatly.

Mo Beibei was extremely excited. As she walked, she told Mu Tianfeng that once she started cultivating, she would definitely surpass Mu Tianfeng.

After all, both of them were mid-stage Swordsmen. As time passed, the gap between the two would slowly widen. In Mo Beibei's mind, with the same Inherent Skill as the super genius Mu Tianyu, surpassing Mu Tianfeng was a piece of cake.

Mu Tianfeng only smiled at her words, and did not make any comment.

And in Mo Beibei's opinion, he was definitely smiling bitterly. Thinking that there would be someone who could surpass him, everyone would smile bitterly and everyone would be unhappy.

"Mo Beibei, Mu Tianfeng, you're finally here!"

As the two approached each other, they suddenly saw someone waving.

Hearing this somewhat familiar name, the two of them knew that this must be the Wei Daniu that they knew yesterday.

Walking over, he saw that it was indeed him.

He looked even more excited. His background wasn't too good, and there weren't many martial arts families. The same applied to cultivation techniques. Furthermore, it was impossible for him to not be happy to be able to obtain the resources to cultivate from the Lanwenmei College.

His voice, however, was truly loud, comparable to the word 'cow' in the name.

However, his voice startled the others as well.

Yesterday, Mo Beibei's excited voice made everyone pay great attention to her talent. And now that they heard about the arrival of this woman, everyone turned to look.

Some carried a hint of a challenge.

Some people carried a trace of disdain.

There were also some people with traces of adoration.

After all, Mo Beibei's appearance was one of the top female disciples.

Mo Beibei did not care about the matters that attracted the attention of the masses. There was no impetuousness, no pride, just indifference.

Mu Tianfeng secretly praised his, feeling that Mo Beibei was not an arrogant and proud person, he was just a little pure, after all, his strength was truly not bad. As for this girl, he didn't have much scheming and knew how to hide.

After they waited for a while, a disciple arrived. He opened the door of the Scripture Pavilion and let them in.

That disciple was one of the people who went through the exam yesterday, and his name was Liu Dahai. With regards to Mu Tianfeng's identity, he had always been a bit suspicious, but after seeing Mu Tianfeng, he revealed a trace of a smile.

Seeing that he was closer to Mo Beibei, he smiled. In his opinion, the talents of these two people, were practically the best amongst the young disciples.

Mu Tianfeng smiled at him, and then walked into the Scripture Pavilion.

Beside him, Mo Beibei appeared to be quiet.

And Wei Daniu, on the other hand, was extremely happy. As if they did not have much chance to see the Scripture Pavilion, all sorts of Secret Book broke out into ecstatic smiles when they entered the pavilion.

However, the Scripture Pavilion was extremely quiet.

According to Liu Dahai's warning, no one was allowed to make a ruckus inside, otherwise they would be kicked out. Furthermore, he would lose the opportunity to choose the Secret Book.

This was something that all disciples would pay attention to.

When Mu Tianfeng came out, he did not learn any cultivation techniques from the clan, but only learned a set of primary Sword Arts. It was only here that the training officially started.

Like everyone else, he slowly walked through the various bookshelves. Choosing a suitable Secret Book would not be easy.

What he needed to think about was, should he choose a martial skill or mental cultivation method?

Choosing a mental cultivation method was a more fundamental method of training. After all, martial skills could increase the speed of one's Dou Qi much more slowly.

However, what many people did not know was that ordinary mental cultivation methods were not beneficial for cultivators. There weren't many people who needed to switch their mental cultivation methods to train by themselves.

Once a particular mental cultivation method was selected, it was basically a lifetime of practice.

That was why it was so important.

And right now, they could only enter the first floor of the Scripture Pavilion.

Needless to say, the mental cultivation methods here were all extremely common.

Thus, all the disciples were looking at martial skills.

Wei Daniu was speechless.

Mo Beibei was speechless.

Mu Tianfeng was the same.

He did not want to just randomly choose a mental cultivation method that did not have much power. If that were the case, it would restrict his future development.

Actually, when he was in the family, he had many brilliant mental cultivation methods. However, his potential made his father and the elder feel that the family's best mental cultivation method was not enough.

And on the third level of the Lanwenmei College, there was a mental cultivation method called the Withered Wood Cardiac Sutra, which was one of the most profound mental cultivation methods. According to his father, his brother had learned this kind of mental cultivation method. Therefore, his target was definitely not the first level's mental cultivation method.

As for martial skills, he could choose martial skills with punches and kicks, or he could choose martial skills with weapons.

Relatively speaking, when he first came into contact with training, he chose simpler fists and kicks.

In training battle-qi, building a good foundation was quite important.

As for Mu Tianfeng who came from a famous family, he knew the importance of basics. Due to his weak foundation, his cultivation was like a floating pavilion, and the later stages would be even more dangerous. Going berserk and being constrained by bottlenecks were all things that could happen.

In order to chase up to his brother, Mu Tianfeng decided to start from the basics, step by step.

He also quickly made the decision to cultivate his martial skill first.

Within the academy, for every increase in a single realm, one would have the opportunity to obtain a martial skill. He could even get two chances to become a Big Sword Master.

As long as he worked hard, he would still be able to obtain a martial skill.

He abandoned his weapons and martial skills and walked over to the area where he was punching and kicking.

On the other hand, they had discovered that Wei Daniu and Mo Beibei were also here.

However, their directions were also different.

Mo Beibei chose to attack with a leg technique while Wei Daniu chose to attack with a palm technique.

Mu Tianfeng laughed, then turned and walked towards the direction of the fist techniques.

After all, the way the three of them practiced was not that good.

Amongst the fist techniques, as a man, Mu Tianfeng had chosen to use a masculine fist technique. What he saw was that there were over a thousand fist techniques on the first level of the Scripture Pavilion.

Looking at it, it was rather dazzling.

Mu Tianfeng exhaled a breath of air and decided to watch everything from start to finish.

Picking up the first book, he saw that the words on the cover were surprisingly — Flame Fist. After reading a few pages, he realized that the power of this fist technique was quite good. It could be considered a pretty good punch from the first level, but Mu Tianfeng did not see it, and felt that there were better ones.

He continued to walk down, searching for his way. With his patience, along the way, he would basically take a few glances at every Secret Book. Furthermore, he had seen it too many times, so he could roughly deduce whether the Secret Book was good or bad from the name of the Secret Book.

However, what made him feel awkward was that after searching for so long, he couldn't find anything suitable at all.

Soon, they arrived at the middle area.

When he saw a battle technique, the words' Diamond Fist 'were written on it, and he felt that it wasn't bad. Just as he was about to go and grab it, another hand stretched out from the side and took the Secret Book away.

Mu Tianfeng frowned, he raised his head and looked, to see a sturdy young man looking at him complacently. It was as if this person, in order to obtain the Secret Book, was extremely happy.

Mu Tianfeng looked at him coldly, and said: "Scram!"

The man replied, "I can tell from one look that you have extremely poor talent and your body is weak. The Secret Book in front are all mine. I'll give you one minute to disappear from my sight.

The sturdy youth was not afraid of Mu Tianfeng at all.

Mu Tianfeng's appearance was not bad, but they did not get to know each other, and his body instead gave people a feeling of weakness.

Their little quarrel immediately attracted the attention of others.

Mo Beibei and Wei Daniu were the first to arrive.

When Wei Daniu saw the muscular man, he was shocked and explained to Mo Beibei in a low voice: "This man's name is Yang Chen, he is the most talented person on our side, and is said to be dark green in color. He is tyrannical, I am afraid Mu Tianfeng is going to suffer! "

After Mo Beibei heard this, she let out a cold laugh. After interacting with Mu Tianfeng yesterday, she felt that he was a very good person.

And now, this person who he had thought to be not bad was actually being threatened by someone else.

This made Mo Beibei very unhappy.

Taking a few steps forward, Mo Beibei walked in front of Yang Chen, raised his head and looked, then said coldly: "I'll give you three seconds to leave, if not I will break your dog legs!"

When Yang Chen saw Mo Beibei, his expression subconsciously changed. However, he still insisted, "What's the point of relying on women? "Remember this, it's best if you take a detour around me when you're outside, otherwise …" "Humph!"

The man snorted coldly and left.

Mo Beibei frowned, and was about to rush out and snatch the Secret Book from his hands.

Mu Tianfeng said: "Forget it, that martial arts technique is not considered good. Let him train in it!"

After Mo Beibei heard his words, she finally let him go.

With just this disturbance, when others saw Mu Tianfeng, they would subconsciously think of him as someone who was weak and would only rely on his friends to help him. From their point of view, they would bully Mu Tianfeng if they had the chance.

Mu Tianfeng did not care about the opinions of others at all. But to continue with the selection, Wei Daniu and Mo Beibei had already been decided.

After a while, he saw a book on Secret Book that caught his eye and took it out. This book of Secret Book s seemed to have some thoughts, and it even had a bit of dust on it.

It was as if no one had set their eyes on it, while Mu Tianfeng felt that it was not bad and smiled as he brought it away.

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