The Billionaire Secret/C9 An Angel Treat
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The Billionaire Secret/C9 An Angel Treat
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C9 An Angel Treat

A groan of pain escapes his lips as he moves his head and slowly opened his eyes to bright attacking lights directed at his face.

The lights added to the pain he feels already so he closed his eyes and tries to move again but was stopped by the soft voice of a lady and hands holding him down.

“Oh… where… ow…” he groaned again and moved his head from side to side then slowly opened his eyes as he faced the side to see a young blonde female nurse taking instructions from someone.

He looked up and saw a male doctor giving talking to her before she took her tray and left the room.

His eyes were trailed on her till she left and the doctor blocked his view and then tapped his shoulder a bit.

“How are you feeling Mr. Lorenzo?” he took a sit on the stool that was close to his bed and looked at Cade for a response.

Cade looked at him in confusion and tried sitting up but the pain that shot up his head prevented him from doing so and he let out a deep, low growl of pain with his eyes shut.

“It will be best if you don’t try to sit up at the moment,” the doctor said and Cade opened his eyes to look at him then blinked several times to clear his foggy vision.

“Hi there, sorry I didn’t introduce myself, I am Dr. Leventize and I’m your attending doctor till you are okay and ready to be discharged. How are you feeling?” he asked his earlier question.

Cade tried swallowing but his throat was too dry for him to do that so he tried to touch his throat to ask for water but instead she went into a fit of cough.

“Hey there, easy… here you go” Dr. Leventize grabbed the bottled water he placed on the table earlier and put a straw in so that Cade could easily drink from it.

“I… remembered an accident, can you give me something to kill this ache? It killing me” he asked.

Leventize clicked his tongue, stood up, and was about to give him the medicine when the door opened with the blonde nurse’s head popping in.

“Dave, the patient in room 345 needs your attention now,” she said and came into the room fully.

When Cade had taken the pain reliever, he was assisted to lay down back on the bed.

Dave turned to look at the nurse with a slight frown on his face.

“She isn't choking on her spit again?”

“Not this time, but she hurt her hand, isn't too serious but wouldn’t let me attend to her and just requested that you came in to help her instead” she shrugged.

Dave let out a sigh and shook his head at the patient’s attempt to see him again which he has been avoiding for some time.

“Is there another doctor available to attend to her?”

“You know she would not let them attend to her and throw her usual tantrums if the doctor isn't you” the blonde nurse chuckled and came closer to where Cade was laying then noticed Cade’s gaze on her which took her by surprise and caused her cheeks to warm up.

“Okay, I will go attend to her, can you please take care of him? I will be heading home after to take a really hot shower so that I could remove her stares that would soon stick to me” he stood up then turned to Cade who was just looking at the nurse.

“Mr. Lorenzo, this is Michelle she is a nurse and would take care of you for the time being,” he said and Cade just nods his head but was still looking at Michelle.

Dave noticed and rolled his eyes then went over to Michelle, pecked her cheeks, and whispered something to her before leaving the room.

Michelle had her cheeks pink with blush as she shyly came to seat on the stool Dave occupied seconds ago.

“Er… good evening Mr. um… Lorenzo” she cleared her throat and fumbled with the notepad and pen before she was finally able to grip them tightly.

His gaze was doing things to her and even though he looks like he still needs time to heal, he still looks good and his gaze is making her nervous all of a sudden.

Cade couldn’t keep his eyes off her when he opened them, she was just too beautiful and he couldn’t help but stare at her not minding if it made her uncomfortable.

It was like the best way to wake up after having a horrible accident, to the sight of a blonde angel in nurse clothing.

“Mr. Lorenzo… are you okay?” she touched his arm and he snapped out of the faze he was in.

“Yeah… ow!”

“You are still suffering from a mild concussion due to how hard you hit your head, you will need enough rest for it to calm down,” she told him and he closed his eyes without replying.

The pain in his head intensifies when he speaks so staying silent is the only choice he has now, even his body ached but not painful like the one he feels in his head.

“Water” he whispered so lightly but she was able to catch what he said so she adjusts the bed so that it positioned him half sitting, half laying before she put the tip of the straw in his mouth for him to drink.

He made a small sound and stopped drinking so she placed the bottle back on the table before adjusting him properly.

The room became silent and all she did was stare at him as a furrow formed on his forehead. She thought that it was the pain that caused it and felt bad that he will have to experience that pain for the next few days as he slowly heals from his injuries.

Injuries weren’t that bad but he just broke an arm and would need the support of the wheelchair till he can stand properly on his own as the doctor had told her but his concussion was terrible so that is something he would have to endure for a while.

“We put a call through to the number we saw in your wallet but no one picked so…” she stopped when he opened his eyes ajar and the frown deepened.

“A name Lexi?” he asked and clenched his teeth from the pain that surged to his head when he spoke.

“Yeah, maybe you should just rest so that you wouldn’t feel so much pain,” she told him and he closed his eyes.

“Lexi… won’t pick up… just… nobody… call” he managed to say.

“Okay, whatever you say Mr. Lorenzo but just try not to move or do anything that would trigger the ache”

He lay still as she said he should then open his eyes and caught her looking at him again.

Michelle felt a deep blush stain her cheeks because she was caught watching him red-handed… again.

No one can be blamed honestly, he is one fine young man and anyone wouldn’t help but stop to stare at him in all his handsome glory.

She looked away and cleared her throat before adjusting the medications properly on the tray and preparing to leave his hospital room.

“I’ll come back to check on you ve-”

“You’re very beautiful,” he said in a whisper, cutting her off.

Michelle blushed even more and so wanted to scurry out of the room and let her cheeks burn till it's too hot to burn. A cute compliment from a good-looking man is doing a lot of things to her.

“Er—I will come to check on you la-later” she said and quickly left the room to calm her banging heart.


So sorry that it took long, do enjoy and see you in the next chapter :)

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