The Blind Alpha and His Maid/C3 Chapter 3, imprisoned!
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The Blind Alpha and His Maid/C3 Chapter 3, imprisoned!
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C3 Chapter 3, imprisoned!


I ran out of that freaking alpha office, and I was shivering. I was scared to death of him.

I didn't know why he did that?! How dare he touch my body?! He couldn't see me, but he was shameless. I know that he was the alpha king, and all the wolves should respect him, and every human being was scared of him too. He was too powerful and wealthy.

But on my side, dammit, I hated him from the first sight. Why? I don't know. I'm not his slave to treat me like this.

Anyway, my mother was waiting for me outside, and I didn't say any word. I just walked, and she followed me.

Finally, we were in the house, eating slowly, I didn't spit a word. But all of a sudden. My mom opened that conversation, "so, what happened there?"

I blew a deep breath away and shoved a piece of meat in my mouth, chewing slowly "nothing, I didn't pass. Sorry about that. I will search for another job."

Olga, my sister, raised her brow "dammit! Why you didn't try to seduce the alpha. I wish I could work instead of you. Seriously, I want to see how those alphas and rich people live."

I frowned "Olga that alpha is…" I was going to say bad words. But my mom raised her brow, "don't even dare to say a bad word about our alpha. Anyway. You have passed."

I narrowed my eyes, confused, "passed what?"

My mom smiled and said, "you passed the interview. They just called me and said that you should go to the Alpha Palace starting tomorrow morning."

I blinked shockingly, "but mom, I don't want to work for him. Are you selling me for him or what?"

My mom angrily slapped the dining table with her hands and growled "don't even dare to spit another word, or I will never call you daughter. I will disown you."

And yes, I wouldn't dare, she and Olga was my only family. Even with her harsh and insulting and careless way of treating me, but I loved having them as a family.

I whispered while lowering my gaze to my lap, "sorry mother."

And suddenly she explained further, "I have signed the contracts for you."

I opened my mouth in a thunderstruck. My mom trailed off, "and I got your salary too. Now pack up your clothes to go."

Everything passed so quickly, and I couldn't breathe.

My cell phone rang, I grabbed it to attack a look to only see a number, and the same name that popped up was 'Alpha Ekon.'

I mumbled squealing annoyed "mother! How is the alpha cell phone number saved in my phone? Did you do that?"

My mom smirked, "yes, and now answer him immediately, or he will put you and us in the dungeon."

I huffed annoyed, but Olga without hesitation, replied, "yes, alpha. I will be there in minutes."

"What was that Olaf? Why did you answer my phone?"

Olga taunted me, "he won't know the difference. Our voices are the same. Now you need to go. He is waiting for you. He said he wants a scalding coffee with no sugar."

I made a puppy face, but I had no other choice. So I wore my clothes immediately and made a home coffee, then ran to the alpha palace that was already not so far from our house. Only about 5 miles, yes, that far. But the difference was that we were living in the poor neighborhood, but the alpha was living with a hill and lake. I have heard that it was artificial! Only rumors I wasn't able to see that place ever or even dares to drag my feet to this side of the town.

There the only billionaires are living.

Once I reached the gates, my phone rang again. I didn't have much time to see who was calling, so I picked up "yes,"

And he was the alpha because he was yelling at me in a dominating tone "where are you?'' I'm waiting for my coffee."

Not rude, but scarily, I trembled and hung up the call.

I rushed inside, and the guards opened the gate for me. There was something who guided me until we reached inside that massive palace door.

He popped for me, and that's when I found the alpha groaning while sitting in his wheelchair and his beta next to him.

I bowed silently and handed the alpha the cup of coffee, but dammit, he threw it into my face "what the fuck is that? How dare you hang up in my face!"

I wiped the coffee off my face, and thankfully, it wasn't boiling. I shouted back at him, "fire me! I don't want to work for you. We are not compatible. I don't want to work to ride a man like you."

He smirked and nodded, "well, I'm not a man."

I blurted out those words that slipped from my mouth, which I regretted later "yes, sure you're not even close to being a man."

He pulled me again to his lap. Dammit what's wrong with that alpha?! How could he know where I was standing? And why did he keep touching my body as if he didn't touch a woman before?

I whined and bit his hand, trying to release myself, "let me go. I don't want to work for you."

He laughed like a witch then said in a graving tone, "do you know what? You are mine from the moment you have applied for the job. But after what you have said about not being a man, I decided to prove it to you."

I couldn't understand what he meant by that until he commanded his guard, "take her to the basement now. Lock her there."

His beta pulled me, I tried to run, but that was impossible. He was the alpha. And suddenly I found myself in a very dark room, and they locked me there.

I banged on the door more like begging "please let me out. You can't imprison me here. I'm not your slave."

I heard a faint sound saying, "you are more than a slave now. Wait, and you will see."

See what! What's that shit?!

Only to see the lights turn on, I sighed in relief because at least I wouldn't stay in the dark. But what I saw next was scarier.

A huge LCD started to play something. Or that what I have thought until I walked closer and saw that it was only a transparent glass, allowing me to see what was on the other side.

And it was the alpha Ekon naked!

Fuck! Was he jerking off?

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