The Blind Alpha and His Maid/C4 Chapter 4 Threesome!
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The Blind Alpha and His Maid/C4 Chapter 4 Threesome!
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C4 Chapter 4 Threesome!

Alpha Ekon

It wasn't a basement; at the beginning, I wanted to scare her by leaving her in the ark. She acted rudely, but seemed so cute. So young! Yes, she was eighteen, and I was, but I was an alpha!

She can't insult me and say I'm not even close to being a man and let her go.

I didn't know why I listened to keep her. Even so, there was something different about her, pressing on my nerves. By her scent and her voice, I was turned on!

Yes! Why! Hell, I don't know.

I touched her body to see what she was wearing, and I was shocked. She was so decent. And her boobs were small, which means no one touched her ever. Her body scent was telling me that she was a virgin. Yes, I could smell the non-virgin pussy wetness.

But when she kept protesting and yelling, demanding to fire her. I couldn't. I know she was giving me a headache already, I know that if she were someone else, I would kill her or maybe throw her to the dungeon for the rest of her life. But there was something yummy about her. That made me want to chuckle and tease her more.

I decided to show her my dick.

I know that I won't be able to see her facial expression because she was on the other side and I was blind, but my beta was watching her for me and telling me what was happening with her.

For the first time, my beta tried to stop me, and he said those words as if she was advising me, "Your highness, please let her go. She is so decent and polite. I don't think she will sleep with you."

"All the females are alike. I'm sure after seeing my dick, she will start touching her body. Just keep your eyes and tell me what she was doing." I tried to convince myself even so I do trust my beta. But maybe I just hated that feeling I do have to her, and my instinct told me the same. Even my wolf started to growl and nag me 'I think she's good. I want to touch her.'

It was the first that my wolf craves for someone!

I ignored all the thoughts and decided to have some fun. I took off all my clothes and started playing with my dick till it was up and hard.

I forgot that I would need to reach my climax after all! She took my mind away by her weird and caring attitude. No one ever dared to talk to me like this. Even so, my ex-bitch fiancee! When she rejected me as her mate. She said that with begging and sobbing.

She wasn't my mate, after all, I mean I loved her, but she wasn't my real mate. But still, she rejected me, and that was unacceptable for the king of the werewolves.

But I didn't kill her or anything. I was too busy to care about my past. I wanted to move on and to keep my head up.

While I was jerking off my dick, I started to growl and moan painfully. So, my wolf asked for more. Luckily, two maids were looking to get fucked by me.

Yes, I called my beta immediately "find me those two new models. I will fuck them now."

"But your higness___."

"No buts, go now and bring them naked," I commanded him sternly.

And yes, in a minute they were both touching my body, I immediately commanded them "sleep on the bed and open your legs. I need a fast fuck."

They obeyed, I bent only a bit to position my dick on the first one pussy. I was blind after all, and I am using a wheelchair all the time, even so, there was nothing wrong with my legs. But I didn't like to make a fool of myself by hitting my head with something in my path or stumble.

But I do not use the chair in my bedroom. I know every corner and inch in that vast room.

I forgot about Elina, who was watching me already on the other side because I was horny and erected. I started to fuck one after, and it takes an hour for me until I reached my climax, and I made sure that both of them swallowed my thick fluid.

But suddenly, my beta barged into the room without knocking, and he was panting as if he was shocked or was running "your highness."

I wiped my sweat from my forehead and turned my body to him after I dismissed the maids, "what is it, beta?"

"She fainted! Elina lost her consciousness."

What the hell!

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