The Blind Alpha and His Maid/C6 Chapter 6 We are Mates!
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The Blind Alpha and His Maid/C6 Chapter 6 We are Mates!
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C6 Chapter 6 We are Mates!

Alpha Ekon

I wanted her to be my mind! But why fast? She had been mine already. Yes, once she stepped inside that castle, she was mine. But feeling how innocent she was made me stop there for a moment and think wisely.

I just couldn’t hurt her. I knew deep inside that she wouldn't be able to deal with my bad attitude, so I decided to give myself and her some time till I could change myself for her.

But as much as I mistreated her, as much as I was already chuckling deep inside me knowing that I only craved for that cute she-wolf.

For the first time, I wanted to cuddle a girl, not fucking her.

But teasing her was a fun thing.

“Really?” she asked me happily, but with a trembling tone.

I grabbed her from her waist and leaned to her ear, then scoffed, “sure not I was kidding.”

She mumbled and pushed me away, “I hate you.”

I chuckled and said, teasing her more “me too, don’t worry about that. Now go to sleep. Wake up early and prepare breakfast for me.”

She rudely replied as if she wanted to force me to fire her “I don’t know how to cook.” I know that my words gave her hopes, then made her fall on her head. But that was for her sake. I was holding too much grudge for women generally. And I didn’t know how I could deal with innocent virgin omega either. Besides, I was blind! What if she rejected me too!?

I turned my back to her then I laid my body on the bed and said firmly, “then learn. Get out, or I will fuck you now.”

She huffed before slamming the door of my room!

Gosh, that girl was so sensitive, and I liked that.

I fell asleep happily for the first time after that accident that took my vision. And I even dream of Elina. Which was a very nasty dream.

I woke up the next morning, I called Elina's name several times, but she didn’t reply. Only my beta came in a hurry for me.

I didn’t talk to him. I just sat in my wheelchair, and he pushed it to the dining room.

Once I got there, I heard a sweet voice, saying, “good morning.” God, I was relieved by hearing her voice. My thoughts he left me. But even so, I was angry because she was supposed to be the first one to appear in the morning.

I mumbled faking. I was angry, “okay.”

She mumbled back, annoyed “how rude! Please fire me.”

The word fire made me lose my temper, I hollered and slammed the table with my both hands “shut up and sit your ass, eat with me.”

She whispered in a scary voice, “I don't want to.”

I commanded her in a dominating tone, “sit, or I will pull you to my lap and…” yes, I admit that I wanted her to refuse because I wanted to pull her to my lap and hug her and lick every inch of her face. Yummy! I have not tasted her yet, but I could feel it already.

She giggled lightly, “okay, how possessive.”

I snapped my fingers to her and said firmly, “zip your mouth. I don’t like foolish words.”

She all of a sudden asked me again “by the way, who's that woman in the picture with you?” dammit, why did she insist on knowing everything about her? I already hate that. If only she could know how much I have suffered because of that woman.

I said simply hoping that she might stop there “she’s the one I loved the most, and I hated most.”

But hell, dammit, she kept questioning me“how?”

I decided to divert the conversation, but after eating our breakfast, “let’s play for a while.”

She said softly walking closer to me; I could feel her tiptoes already, she was walking with bare feet “play what? Aren’t you blind?”

I grabbed her wrist and pecked her lips all of a sudden; I couldn’t control myself, she inhaled and exhaled deeply, as if she was drowning in her paradise, even so, the kiss was fast and soft, but I was sure she was my real mate. I gulped nervously trying to come back to my senses, and then I slammed her ass and teased her“yes, and for that. I will show you how blind hit the target with his baseball.”

She gasped, upset, “huh!”

I ordered my beta to show her where I used to play baseball, and then I dismissed him. We started playing. Or in another meaning, I was the one who was playing and throwing a ball after another into her head. Until she fell mumbling unheard words.

I commanded her, “get up.”

She begged me gently; I could tell she was pouting her lips already. “Oh my god, please stop. How could you locate me every time without seeing me?”

I confidently said, “with your scent.”

She asked me, wondering, “but_ how is that because of your powers alpha?”

I shook my head and sighed, “no_ that because we are M__,” but I paused there. I couldn’t just tell her that we are mates. She might freak out!

I trailed off, “That's because you smell bad. Take a shower. We need to go get your things from your stepmother's house.” I lied, and I had something already in my head.

She stood up and walked closer to me; then she placed her hand on my shoulder saying innocently “what things? I don’t have any.”

I said all of a sudden, “I do.”

She pushed my wheelchair back to my room, and asked me,“how?”

I didn’t give her an answer, and I didn’t have an answer yet for her. Sometimes shocks prove things that you won’t be able to explain. I said, “just get ready; let’s go.”

And in minutes, we were already sitting in my limo; I commanded her to sit next to me. But I purposely touched her boobs and her ass from time to time. She frowned and pushed my hand away, “don’t touch me.”

I smirked widely, “sorry, I’m blind.”

She groaned, annoyed, “don’t use your blindness as an excuse.”

I growled immediately shutting her mouth and kissing her roughly then I pulled back over her, but my lips with her teeth. I warned her, “okay. Don’t make me mad, or I will rape you.”



We soon arrived at the imerished neighborhood, where Elina grew up and lived already. I didn’t mind getting mated to an omega, especially if that one was Elina.


At the house, when she opened the door. She didn’t expect to hear that. But I did that on purpose. I wanted to meet her stepmother on purpose. And I already figured out everything when we stepped inside. Her step was talking on the phone with someone. She was saying “sure; I took Elina's salary. I wonder why the alpha paid that much for her. I guess he will use her in bed and sure she will give him everything. But I don’t care much; I only want her salary, that's all. She is not my daughter, after all.”

And that was harsh, Elina stepped backward and shut the door slowly “please Alpha let’s go.”

I accepted immediately. I felt sorry for her. But I wanted to open up her eyes to the real world. I knew that she was something special to me from her voice and her scent. I knew that she was an innocent and good girl. That's why I didn’t touch her. I wanted to keep a distance until I would be able to clean my dark heart.

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