The Conspiracy of Memorable Love/C2 Make this man drunk!
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The Conspiracy of Memorable Love/C2 Make this man drunk!
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C2 Make this man drunk!

Make this man drunk!

Chu Yi glared at me. I turned back and stared at him. He had a bitter look in his eyes.

"Le, hurry up and apologize." Shih Lan sensed that the atmosphere was a little oppressive and quickly told me.

"Sorry, I made a big joke with you. If I have the chance to marry you, I will not divorce even if I die. A good person like you, who would be willing to divorce you? " I said it half true and half false. I picked up the wine in my hand and poured two cups. One cup was handed to Chu Yi.

"If you are sincerely apologizing, you have to drink with Boss Chu." I didn't know which bastard suggested it.

"Le, you have to be sincere." Shih Lan looked at me and kept winking.

I had already suppressed my anger. He was just a scumbag. It had already been three years and I should not be so angry.

"I am sincere. Boss Chu, please give me some face." I pushed the wine glass forward. Chu Yi could not back down and took it.

"Come, let's drink." I took Chu Yi's arm.

The first time we had a drink was at the wedding. Our relatives and friends had a great time. We drank three cups in one go. If we ignored our identities today, it would be similar to the day we got married.

I drank it all in one gulp. Chu Yi also drank it clean. I poured it again. He drank it again. We drank three cups straight. His expression was a little ugly. I knew his capabilities. Today he used a western wine cup. He must have felt a bit drunk after drinking these three cups.

"Le is good at drinking." I drank three glasses of wine without blushing. When Boss Liu saw it, he praised me and suggested, "Come, let me have a drink with the beauty."

"Okay." I answered and stood up to drink another glass.

The culture of drinking in China was indeed amazing. After a few glasses of wine, the atmosphere in the private room became lively again. Everyone was talking and laughing at the banquet.

For people who came to such a place to spend their money, they only needed ten minutes to finish their serious business. Next, they would tease each other. A highly skilled girl could empty a customer's wallet, and the new girl would also be teased by the customer to the point that she would fall in love with him.

I kept smiling and drinking with Chu Yi. His face was as red as a red cloth. I secretly calculated that he was about to go and wash his stomach later, and then I stopped my hand leisurely. Chu Yi, ex-husband, guest, a few words flashed through my mind. I felt a little indescribable in my heart.

At one and a half in the night, the guests were finally satisfied and prepared to leave. Of course, if someone was willing to bring the girl out, the clubhouse wouldn't care too much. Shih Lan took Boss Liu's hand and was the first to walk out of the private room. When she walked to my side, she whispered, "Don't force yourself."

As soon as they left, the rest of the people also got up and walked out of the room one after another. I was stunned for a moment. Chu Yi and I were the only ones left in the room. I put Chu Yi, who was half leaning on me, onto the sofa and stood up to leave.

Before I could stand up straight, I was pulled back by Chu Yi and fell back onto the sofa. I looked down and found that Chu Yi, who had been drunk the whole time, was staring at me with red eyes.

"Boss Chu, you are drunk. I'll go downstairs and ask your driver to pick you up." I pushed his hand away.

"Lin Leyi, you really know how to act!" His mouth reeked of alcohol as he approached me.

"You know how to act. Chu Yi, didn't you say you thought I was familiar?" I looked at him coldly.

"Why are you doing this?" There was something in Chu Yi's eyes that I didn't understand.

"As your mother said, I am a money-loving woman. I can do anything for money. What's wrong? We've been divorced for three years, and you still want to care about me?" I suddenly pushed him to the side, picked up my bag, and was about to leave.

"For money?" He sneered, took out his wallet, threw it on me and asked, "This money should be enough to cover you for a night."

I picked up the wallet that fell to the ground, took out all the cash in it, and looked at him seriously. "There's only eight thousand in here. It's not even enough for the tips for tonight. Forget it. For the sake of you being my ex-husband, I will give you a discount."

I threw the empty wallet to him, opened the door, and walked out. Behind me came a harsh curse from him.

I left the room and let out a sigh of relief. I quickly walked towards the elevator. Tonight was really disgusting. I thought I would be able to earn a year's tuition fees, but I only earned a month's living expenses. I even met the person I didn't want to see the most.

"Lin Leyi, stop right there." Chu Yi caught up from behind. He had drunk too much. He walked unsteadily. When the number on the elevator reached "2," he caught up to me and came to the elevator door.

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