The Years of My Youth/C20 school-day storm
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The Years of My Youth/C20 school-day storm
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C20 school-day storm

After school at noon, I went to Bazhong to find Zhao Qian as usual.

Right now, Zhao Qian is always waiting for me in the classroom or in the corridor at noon. She isn't really being with Gou Yaner and the others anymore.

When I entered the Bazhong, I was still quite frightened to see Gou Yaner, but somewhere in my heart, I really wanted to see her. That feeling of wanting to see her but also being afraid to see her is very complicated.

Finally, I still did not see Gou Yaner. She felt as if a stone had dropped from her heart.

I went straight to Zhao Qian's class.

When Zhao Qian saw me, her eyes clearly lit up. I could tell she was looking forward to my arrival.

The first thing Zhao Qian said was to ask me, "Who fed you that little dog that I gave you?"

"Oh, my dad is feeding it. My mom doesn't really like dogs." After saying that, I felt like I had misspoken.

"Ah, your mom doesn't like dogs. What if she doesn't treat him well?" Zhao Qian asked me with a little worry.

I hastily explained, "Oh, actually, my mom hates dogs that are dirty. She usually likes to see him outside. I'll just go back and wash him."

Hearing what I said, Zhao Qian calmed down.

"Let's go." Zhao Qian said to me.

We walked out of the school gate and just as we turned into a small alley, I saw that there were less pedestrians, so I pulled Zhao Qian's hand over to us. Zhao Qian quickly looked around. Seeing that there were not many people around, she smiled and lowered her head. Although Zhao Qian was a female delinquent student, she was still a rather shy type. From how the few of them beat Xiao Ping up that day and when Gou Yaner came out, both of them were pretty cool, which could be seen from her unsightly smile.

As we were walking, we heard the sound of a horn being pressed behind us. It sounded very unrefined, the kind that had been pressed from the beginning, and it was particularly repulsive.

It wasn't a wide road, I thought, but we walked along it against the wall, even if it was a truck. What the hell would you do with a broken car on a trail like that?

Zhao Qian also said to me: "Ignore him." We left without looking back.

Just then, I heard a man's voice from behind me. "Can't you hear me when you honk? Are you deaf!? "

I know what he meant was for Zhao Qian and I to walk side by side in a straight line. It seemed like not only did he not have any quality, his driving skills were also mediocre.

As soon as we heard someone scolding us, we both turned around and I saw that the car behind us was a gray Jetta, and by then a man in his twenties had rolled down his window and stuck his head out.

At this time, Zhao Qian's mischievous nature was revealed, she shouted to the driver: "You can't see it yourself, you're crippled!"

"You little brat, you talk too much!" The man pointed at Zhao Qian and shouted.

The moment I heard him scolding Zhao Qian, the flames of anger started to rise. I pointed at the man and shouted, "Watch your words, don't f * cking curse! It's already awesome to just start a crappy Santana, isn't it!? "

Zhao Qian saw that the man was scolding her. I was so angry because of her, and was obviously moved as well.

At the time, I didn't know much about cars. I thought it was Santana when I saw one, so I thought it was Santana, the sign of the Volkswagen.

"Fuck, you're pretty awesome, aren't you?"

I saw the man fiddle around in the car, drive out the door, and come out with the pick in his hand. Then he pointed at us and said, "Little bastards, are you trying to be awesome with me?"

When Zhao Qian saw this, she became anxious and was about to go up, but I quickly pulled her. My grandmother! [You are too fierce. The man is older than us, but she still has a pick in her hand. If you want to go up, you will be at a disadvantage.]

When Zhao Qian saw that I was pulling her, she struggled out of my hand and shouted, "Let go of me, I'll kick him to death!"

The man came towards us with the pick.

At this moment, I heard someone not far behind us shout, "Qi Ge, what's going on?"

When he heard that there was someone calling for him, he immediately became even stronger than before and fiercely said, "You two little bastards, come and jump around with me!" The heck, you don't deserve it! "

When I heard this, it went bad. Originally, when I brought Zhao Qian and a woman, it would be hard to deal with a man.

Just then, a man wearing a white shirt rode a mountain bike past me and looked at me. When he looked at Zhao Qian, he was obviously startled and said: "Zhao Qian?"

"Huang Xiang." Zhao Qian said.

Obviously, Huang Xiang knew this and this disgraceful man in front of him.

Huang Xiang got off the carriage, stepped on the ladder, and went in front of the man with no qualifications, he took out a box of three to five and gave him one, then took one for himself and said to the man with no qualifications: "What's wrong, Qi Ge? That's my sister. "

The unrefined man took two puffs of the cigarette, pointed at Zhao Qian with the hand holding the cigarette, and asked Huang Xiang: "Is that your sister? It's pretty crazy! "

Zhao Qian still wanted to go over when I grabbed her arm, but she just stood there and did not move.

Huang Xiang laughed and gently patted the back of the disgraceful guy: "Hai, isn't it a big deal? It's all because of me. It's over. Ah, it's over. "

The disgraceful man took another deep drag of his cigarette, and after he exhaled heavily again, he said to Huang Xiang: "Fine, if it wasn't for you here today, I'll make sure to toy with the two of them."

"Who are you messing around with? Why are you bragging!" Zhao Qian shouted angrily.

Hearing Zhao Qian's shout, the unrefined man said to Huang Xiang: "Look!"

Huang Xiang turned around, pointed at Zhao Qian and said: "You're done!" Although he spoke a bit harshly, the word "enough" in the end was gradually fading away. It was clear that this Huang Xiang was interested in Zhao Qian.

When Huang Xiang said this, Zhao Qian also shut her mouth.

Huang Xiang turned around and advised the man with no morals. The man with no morals was not in his right mind to begin with, so he went down the stairs that Huang Xiang gave him. When he got on the car, he even used his hand to touch the two of us.

"Pfft, what are you pretending to be a big tail wolf for." Zhao Qian stared at him and cursed.

Seeing that the man with no morals had left, Huang Xiang walked in front of the two of us, and asked: "What's going on, why are you fighting with him?"

Zhao Qian said: "It's not just that, if you don't come, I will beat him to death!"

Following that, Zhao Qian recounted what had happened.

After saying that, Zhao Qian asked Huang Xiang: "Tell me where did he come from?"

"Alright, forget it. There shouldn't be such a person like him." Huang Xiang advised, then looked at me, and said to Zhao Qian: "Your partner?"

"Didn't I just tell you that I'm my target?" Zhao Qian said.

"Oh, have you two eaten yet?" Huang Xiang asked.

"Not yet, I just met that idiot from before." Zhao Qian said.

"It just so happens that I haven't eaten either. Let's go, I'll treat the two of you to a meal." Huang Xiang said.

"You can be considered to have helped us. I should be the one treating you." "No," I said. Actually, I'm just being polite. I think when we're together, you shouldn't get involved without your sharp eyes. But Huang Xiang helped us just now, so it's not good for me to say anything else.

At that time, Zhao Qian was quite able to guess what I was thinking, so she said to Huang Xiang: "Forget about today.

Hearing Zhao Qian's words, Huang Xiang became a little tactful.

"Alright, we'll call the Swallow one day and have a seat together."

"Alright." Zhao Qian replied.

Huang Xiang politely smiled at me before he left, and I politely smiled back.

Huang Xiang rode his bicycle and left. I saw that the mountain bike he rode was a famous brand, it was very expensive, I even asked my mother for one of those, but my mother didn't buy one for me.

We were not disturbed by the incident and continued to hold hands.

"That man was rather handsome just now." I asked Zhao Qian tentatively.

"Not as handsome as you." Just as Zhao Qian finished speaking, she asked me, "Hey, what do you mean?"

"Hey, isn't this because he helped me? I have a good impression of him, but I don't know how to express it." I explained.

"Come on, you're just kidding. Who wouldn't be able to tell? I suppose you're jealous? " Zhao Qian teased me.

Seeing that Zhao Qian could see through it, I did not try to hide it anymore. "Isn't this supposed to be my wife's beauty?

"Tsk." You know I'm better? " Zhao Qian was very happy to be coaxed by me.

We went to a Korean restaurant and had dinner because I hadn't spent the two hundred dollars my mother had given me and I had money. So, I paid for it this time.

After we finished eating, we slipped back into the video store. I liked to listen to BEYOND. She liked to listen to Li Wen, so I bought two real tapes and gave her the one with Li Wen. She was very happy when she got the tapes; after all, I didn't really spend much money on her. Then we walked down the road for a while and then went back to our respective schools.

When I just arrived at school, I saw Wei Kun standing at the school gate with a bag of buns in each hand, stuffing them all into his mouth.

"Kun Zi, what are you standing here for?" I asked.

"Hey, did you eat it? There's a steamed bun here." Wei Kun opened his greasy mouth and said to me.

"I'm done eating, why are you eating only now?"

"Oh, I just came back." While Wei Kun was speaking, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he ran past me.

I turned around and saw him run over to a student and said, "Bro, lend me some money."

I don't have any impression of him, but he should be either from Xu Liang's or Cui Fusheng's class.

When the student saw that Wei Kun was in front of him, his eyes immediately turned watery. Don't misunderstand, it was not because the student admired Wei Kun for his charm, but because he was so scared that his eyes turned watery.

"I didn't bring any money." The student said fearfully.

"I'll call." Just as Wei Kun raised his hand, the student was immediately shocked.

However, Wei Kun's raised hand, gently put it down, patted the student's arm and said: "Scram."

When the student heard this, he immediately slipped through the school gate like a wisp of smoke.

"Kun'er, what are you doing?" I asked.

"It's fine. I just want to spend some money." Wei Kun said indifferently.

"F * ck, you just got beaten up and now you're bullying me again?" I said, and kicked him in the ass.

"I'm just playing with him." Wei Kun said with a mischievous smile.

"Stop fooling around in the future. We're all from the same school. Don't you feel embarrassed?" "No," I said.

"Hey, to tell you the truth, didn't I already owe money?" Wei Kun said to me innocently.

"Who do you owe money to? How much?" I asked.

"Don't worry about it. Not much. I have my own ways."

"You have a method to deal with idiots, but if you had a way, you wouldn't have tried to rob us." Tell me what's going on? " I asked.

At this moment, the number of students entering the school began to increase.

Seeing that, Wei Kun said to me: "Let's go in first."

I looked around and saw that there were indeed quite a few people, so we entered the school gate together with him.

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