Against the Gods
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In the Northern Domain, because of the relationship between the existence of Dark Cold Air and the cultivation of Dark Mysterious Force, the distribution of life auras was greatly different from that of outer realm. As a result, the perception of life auras was far from being as clear and accurate as that of outer realm's. However, he was still able to deduce a general range. Dongxue Yan stared b
In previous life, his name was Yun Che. Yun Che did not know who his parents were. When he was only a few days old, his master Yun Gu came across him and raised him up.Afterwards, the master died because of the Sky Poison Pearl which was passed on to hin finally. Seven years later, he took revenge for his master and finally jumped to the cliff with Sky Poison Pearl. Shortly after he was born, his parents was hunted down because of Heavenly Profound Treasure. His profound veins was hurt and crippled at that time and thus suffered bully. Fortunately, he retained the memories of the past life and the Sky Poison Pearl. In order to protect the people he loves, Yun Che would be stronger. ☆About the Author☆ Mars Gravity, a network novel writer, a representative of a new generation of writers. His masterpieces are Against The Gods, Legend of the Asura, Heavenly Star, Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven. Mars Gravity once said that when he first read a book, he was in his sophomore year. After graduation, he was engaged in laboratory management work which is usually very leisure. Therefore, he spent most of time on reading online novels and initiate the idea of writing a book. When the first book was published with 100,000 words, there were no more than 10,000 clicks. Fortunately, as his writing matured and the plot began to be fascinating,his popularity gradually increased.
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