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Overbearing CEO’s Exclusive Love
Overbearing CEO’s Exclusive Love
Suffering multiple injuries, she finally started a counterattack in the dead position. On Valentine's Day, she happily went to find her boyfriend to surprise him, but unexpectedly witnessed his cheating. Not only that, but her boyfriend and his mistress set out to destroy the company of her family, and her father went to prison for it. All of these things made her anxious, but she worked hard to rejuvenate, reorganize the company, and rescue her father and finally make those who betrayed her pay the due price. When she did this, she was also lucky that a man who loved her was protecting her silently behind her back. ☆About the Author☆ Wen Nanyin, an excellent online novelist, her won high marks on literary websites. Most people who read this novel gave positive reviews. The smooth and fresh writing and the ups and downs plot are loved by most people.

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