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In the ancient century when the heavens and the earth were first opened, the dragon clan was the master of Dragon-sacrificed Continent. Today, the dragons are extinct when the mysterious catastrophe is coming again. The world is in jeopardy! Long Chen, the playboy of Yang Family in Baiyang Town. It is was a that his father is a loser and mother never cares for him. Thus he become a dispensable character in the family who has never opened a dragon vein. Until his father died, Longchen knew that he was already a perfect master when he was young, but his cultivation was exhausted by a mysterious dragon-shaped jade. Is the Dragon Family really the super hegemon of this world? With the mysterious dragon-shaped jade left by his father, carrying the glory mission of his father, the young Long Chen will gradually uncover the mystery of the extinction of the dragon and become the only ancestral warrior in the past 100 million years. ☆About the Author☆ Feng Qingyang, whose real name is Zhang Weixuan, is a young online popular novelist. During the summer of the third year of high school, Zhang took the en name “Feng Qingyang” and started the creation of online novels. In just 4 years, he was named "the most commercially valuable signing author" by a literary website. The main works of Feng Qingyang are the oriental fantasy novels Xuan Emperor and Dragon-Blooded War God. Among them, "Dragon-Blooded War God" has been adapted into the same name mobile game. Feng Qingyang once set a record of updating 700,000 words per month and 50 chapters in a single day. Therefore, he was called "mad" by fans.
He was the fourth son of the Ling Family, who possessed monstrous power and was as rich as a nation. She didn't mind being mocked by the world. She had teamed up with him in a marriage with no real name. After the marriage, she discovered that her crippled husband was a wolf in sheep's clothing! A wheelchair and a pen, yet he had reached the top of the aristocracy. She had personally witnessed him using a thunderous method to swallow the family that had abandoned him, as well as her! Looking at the divorce agreement his wife had left him, the man in the wheelchair finally stood up with a cold smile. "The whole world knows that I'm a cripple with a weird temper. I can't be humane. If you run away, who else is willing to marry me?" She received a phone call from him across the Pacific Ocean, and her tearful eyes counted the kisses. Liar! " Before the call had even ended, his voice came through the door, causing her to tremble in fear. "Divorce is fine, unless you are willing to testify on my behalf to the entire world that I have done it!" She said, "You said you'd let me go!" He said, "I didn't!" She said, "You said that!" He said, "No!" She said, "The dog said so!" He: "…" Look, he was vicious and vicious, but his little wife wasn't someone to be trifled with either. She dared to call him a dog, so she had to pay the price! He said, "Do you know what dog characteristics are?" She said, "What?" He: "Brave, loyal, and. "I'm not full!" She: "…"
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