Becoming Immortal in Destructing Demons

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Becoming Immortal in Destructing Demons
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Inside Nie clan's cave, a group of black-robed men were still sitting there. Only two Martial Gods stood there, a total of six Martial Gods. They seemed to be discussing something. "Boss, we have the dragon fountain in our hands. Is there anything else we need to prepare?" Although he hadn't known Nie Shao for long, he was genuinely concerned about Nie Shao. If not, he wouldn't have taken the ris
The young master of the Godless Palace in the Western Regions had once bullied him, and the successor of the Martial Union was his rival in love. One after another, his opponents forced him to become strong, to have a strange background, to have a strange bloodline, to become the core of the human race during the battle of the God's Annihilation. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter]