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Best Undercover Agent/C8 One against Ten
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C8 One against Ten

"Not obedient, right? [Do you believe that I won't finish you right here?] When that happens, you'll have to obediently return! " Han Dong stared at her bright eyes as he spoke each word.

Li Muxue's body trembled, and said angrily: "You dare!"

Han Dong reached his hand into Li Muxue's clothes and said very seriously, "Not only do I dare to, I'll even let you stream under the camera."

"Shut up! I'll think about it. " Li Muxue hesitated.

Seeing Han Dong's attitude, it did not seem like he was joking, Li Muxue could only let go, indicating that he would find a chance to leave the Crown Prince's Night.

"I have something to do tomorrow. Once I'm done, I'll send you off. When I'm not around, lock yourself in your room and don't go out. Do you understand?" After Han Dong said that, he carried Li Muxue who was wrapped in a towel out of the bathroom and threw him on the bed.

However, when Han Dong did not expect this, Li Muxue actually took the initiative to lift the blanket and press him down!

The fragrance from Li Muxue's body entered her nose and Han Dong took a deep breath.

"You want to sit up and move on your own?" Han Dong said with a wretched face.

However, Li Muxue said in a serious tone, "It's fine if you let me go, I have a condition."

Han Dong was puzzled. "Oh?" "What conditions?"

"Take me wherever you go tomorrow. I'm your woman now, so it's not too much to take me." Li Muxue stared at Han Dong with her beautiful eyes.

This woman knew that her arms wouldn't even reach Han Dong's thighs. If that was the case, she might as well just follow Han Dong and get a better understanding of his personnel structure.

Han Dong said with a smile, "Give me a kiss and I'll let you follow me. Otherwise, there's no way."

"You're the one who said that!"


How could it be that Li Muxue did not even think about it, and pouted her lips to kiss Han Dong's cheeks! This woman was really going all out just to investigate this case!

Within the monitoring room, Big Hairy was laughing so vulgarly.

"Seems like A Dong's martial arts is not bad. This woman was still half moving the day before yesterday, and took the initiative to attack today. It seems like she has tasted some sweetness."

Before Big Hairy could finish speaking, the monitoring screen was turned off by Xu Rou.

"Big Sister, don't tell me you have taken a fancy to this kid? What are you angry about?" Big Hairy saw that Xu Rou's face was displeased, and he tried to test the waters.

Xu Rou said: "I was already aware of the matter last time, how should I deal with it now, I haven't made up my mind yet, what are you doing now? "There's nothing wrong with this brat, I'll get someone to take down the surveillance cameras in the room tomorrow."

Big Hairy disdainfully said, "A cop is nothing! Tomorrow, as long as A Dong can win, Boss Tsai will definitely give us face and open up a path for us. As long as we have a ruthless pony by our side, how can the Boss Tsai not leave things to us? "

Xu Rou nodded with a cold expression, then turned and left the control room.

In the evening of the second day, Han Dong and Big Hairy's group once again came to the afternoon area. With yesterday's kiss, Han Dong was unable to go back on his words, and had no choice but to bring Li Muxue along.

But Xu Rou didn't seem to like Li Muxue too much, and the way she looked at her was weird as well. At the same time, she was extremely dissatisfied with Han Dong bringing the woman to the fighting arena.

"You want to fight one against ten with the intention of bringing a woman here? I think you don't want to live anymore." Xu Rou said snappily.

"Didn't I bring a woman with me yesterday? Didn't I win in the end?" Han Dong said.

Seeing the doubt on Xu Rou's face, Han Dong said: "Didn't I bring you along yesterday?"

"Cut the crap!" If you don't have the confidence to sign the life and death contract, then it's no shame for you to leave now. " Xu Rou reminded her angrily.

Life and Death Contract? A boxing ring?

Li Muxue thought suspiciously, when Han Dong let go of her hand and went up to the stage to sign his name.

It was different from the past. This time, Han Dong had signed ten life and death contracts! He would need to face ten more opponents!

"Isn't this the brat from yesterday?" I was lucky enough to win against the Striker God, and now you're treating yourself like a piece of cake. "

"The previous record was 1 on 7 for the Striker God, with 4 dead and 3 injured. The previous opponent directly forfeited."

"I won't be able to buy this kid. He won't be able to pass the third round, first round death stage."

The surrounding hoodlums whispered, all of them were listening to Li Muxue.

Now, this woman finally understood the seriousness of the situation. What Han Dong was going to do next was too dangerous!

She tugged at the corner of Han Dong's shirt and said, "Let's go together when we have the chance. You can't fight in this fist competition, you'll die!"

"You know a lot of things now, don't you? You know how to pity your husband." Han Dong said jokingly.

Li Muxue was flustered and exasperated: "You deserve it if someone like you dies!"

Even though he said that, seeing Han Dong on stage, Li Muxue's heart still reached his throat.

She had never experienced this before, and was even more nervous than Han Dong.

Following behind Han Dong, Li Muxue saw the Duke and Chang Longfa one after another. If not for Han Dong, Li Muxue would probably need to wait for a very long time to meet the members of Tsai Lung.

But now, the arrow had left the bowstring and was unable to be retrieved. Han Dong had already ascended the ring.

Xu Rou stood below the stage, her face had a look of worry, she had finally picked up someone who could fight ruthlessly, and she could not afford to lose her life in the ring.

After a while, the odds about the result of Han Dong's boxing match came out.

If Han Dong could survive ten rounds, the odds would be 1: 51!

Even with such a high betting rate, the betting stakes were still only twenty to thirty thousand. Most of the betters believed that Han Dong would be able to hold on until the fourth round.

"Boss Tsai is here too." Xu Rou whispered.

Big Hairy followed his line of sight and saw Boss Tsai drinking tea in a private room.

"Actually for the arena battle, but in truth, Boss Tsai is here to select his contestants." Big Hairy frowned, "How good is it for A Dong to stay by my side, aiya ?"

What Big Hairy wanted most right now was for Han Dong to be slightly injured and lose the fight.

This way, he could stay by his side and not be targeted by the Boss Tsai. However, in the afternoon, Big Hairy's thoughts were just a dream.

After Han Dong ascended the stage, as the arena master, he began to accept the first challenger's attack.

The referee said: "Next, we invite the first challenger, Long Ba, onto the stage!"

The moment the referee said this, the audience sucked in a breath of cold air.

"Didn't Long Ba withdraw? "How could this be?"

"It can't be? The Long Ba who was evenly matched with the fist god? "

"This kid is in trouble. If I knew earlier that I would buy him for the first round, I would have lost."

Seeing Long Ba appear, Xu Rou frowned: "Has this guy's ears been healed yet?"

Big Hairy said, "I think this is a trap set up by the Boss Tsai. They sent out their punches yesterday, but today, they actually allowed a madman, Long Ba, to go up on stage!"

As he spoke, Big Hairy's sweat dripped down his forehead. He was more nervous than Han Dong.

Long Ba was also known as the deaf eight, which made him deaf after being punched through his eardrums. From then on, Long Ba never lost to anyone, and it was just that he disdained participating in normal fights. As his opponent, if he fought with Long Ba, he would most likely be deaf as well, and it was because of this abnormal habit of his that some people called him crazy.

Long Ba jumped onto the stage and stretched his body a bit. He was not affected by the audience's explosive enthusiasm because he could not hear anything.

Simple preparations, the first round began!

Before Han Dong could react, Long Ba took the chance to punch him!

This fellow was playing dirty!

Han Dong cursed in his heart. He cursed Long Ba's eighteen generations of ancestors, and struggled to avoid the opponent's attack. In comparison,'s movements were much more nimble than yesterday's punches.

Han Dong originally wanted to repeat the same scene as yesterday, but unexpectedly, his first punch was blocked by Long Ba. Han Dong took the opportunity to swing out his left fist, but the other party did not expect it!


Long Ba staggered twice, and then his legs went soft and he fell on the stage!

"Sorry, I'm left-handed." Han Dong shook his left hand, then raised his fist in disdain to signal to the audience.

Li Muxue was exceptionally nervous below the stage, not because she cared too much about Han Dong. If this guy died in Tsai Lung's fighting arena, it would be hard to explain it to her father when she went back.

Boss Tsai sat in a private room, looking at the arrogant and unruly Han Dong through the window, he nodded to himself.

Han Dong ran to the side of the stage, held Li Muxue's face and took a sip, then whispered into Li Muxue's ears: "If I win all ten rounds, can you promise me one thing?"

"Ah?" "What is it?" Li Muxue wiped the saliva off Han Dong's face and asked.

Before Han Dong could speak, the referee said, "Prepare for the second match!"

Helpless, Han Dong returned to the boxing stage and whispered, "I won't even let him finish his words!"

The second opponent was defeated one minute later!

Then the third!

The fourth!

Han Dong continued his barrage of thorns and thorns. When he knocked down his eighth opponent, the entire arena went into an uproar.

At this time, the Boss Tsai in the room could no longer sit still.

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