Bully CEO Seduced His Wife

Modern Romance
34 Chapters
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This was an important area of the military region, so naturally, one would not see the passing of cars. In such a large area, only the thin figure of Xu Anran could be seen in front of him. Guan Jingyi drove the jeep, and when it passed by Xu Anran, he stepped on the gas pedal, causing the jeep to fly past him. The reflection of Guan Jingyi's face in the rearview mirror looked exceptionally sole


"Uncle, do you dare to love me?" "Xu Ran, do you really want to be my woman?" I think, I don't regret it! " "Her soft little hand firmly gripped his big hand." "Dammit, I don't regret it. Even if you want to escape, I won't let you off!" Because her words of 'I don't regret' made him feel like he was on fire. It was uncontrollable … PS: 1 vs 1, the male and female lead is physically and mentally clean!


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