CEO, Please Love Tenderly

Modern Romance
778 Chapters
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Dec 15th, 14:38
These words might sound exaggerated, but when he said those words, he was extremely emotional and serious. Xia Cola looked at him with a face full of emotion, but did not say anything as he bit his lips. There were many people in the square. Everyone had come out for a walk after dinner. They did not expect to see such a scene. One by one, they took out their phones to take a picture. "Cola, ma


The famous celebrity that was the focus of tens of thousands of people had been schemed against by his fiance along with his mistress. "You want revenge?" I can help you! " Xiao San wanted to become famous so that she would lose her standing and reputation. The scum of men only loved money, but it left you with nothing at all. Wait a minute, who was this handsome guy who had helped her to abuse dregs?



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