Conqueror  of the Martial World

Conqueror of the Martial World

A young girl suicided because she couldn't bear the evil's bully. Then her best friend, a young boy who grew up with her together, decided to revenge as well as get justice for her.
He worked really hard, which inspired the potential of the peerless genius inside of him. Then he rose suddenly at an amazing speed and he went on the way of a strong hero.
His motto is that,"If you hurt me, you would get a double revenge. If you hurt someone i love, i would revenge for thousands of times."
☆About the Author☆
Xiang Yanxiajiu is an outstanding novelist and he does well in fantasy novels. He has written prenty of fantasy novels. Each of his work is boutique. The novels he has written get lots of ups and downs plots, which is exciting.  Both his stories and writing are excellent.
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