Crazy Immortal God

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Of course, Shi Haowen also wanted to resist, but other than 'whining', he couldn't do anything else! His eyes were filled with fear and puzzlement. He wanted to ask, ask Wu Gang why he was treating him like this, ask Fan Tian and the other guards why he was not saving him even when he was about to die. However, the rag that Shi Haowen had gotten from who knows where smelt like sh * t and smelly u


Our Lord Immortal Emperor is dead again! He choked to death on his food. Why do other immortals look down on the world, sit by the side of beautiful women, while our protagonist is suffering in the reincarnation cycle? It was because after he had refined a mysterious token and his soul had been imprisoned, he had joined the army that had crossed over! It was as if a large hand was controlling his fate, and only after his 99th reincarnation did he discover a shocking secret …


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