Crazy Immortal God

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Crazy Immortal God
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Chapter 129 - Visiting Old Friends After everything was settled, the day of departure was set. There were also people who were appointed, such as Murong Badao and his son, as well as his own father, Situ Qingtian, who Gongsun Ze Tian especially did not want to see. There was also his mother, Murong Fenghuang, who was especially willing to see him appear, and the Situ Family who was initially in c
Our Lord Immortal Emperor is dead again! He choked to death on his food. Why do other immortals look down on the world, sit by the side of beautiful women, while our protagonist is suffering in the reincarnation cycle? It was because after he had refined a mysterious token and his soul had been imprisoned, he had joined the army that had crossed over! It was as if a large hand was controlling his fate, and only after his 99th reincarnation did he discover a shocking secret …
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