Devil CEO's Sweetheart

Modern Romance
42 Chapters
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Latest Release: C42
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"If you've seen enough, get up and pack up. Today we're going on our honeymoon." Just as Ling Qianqian was lost in her thoughts, Ou Yufan's cold voice came from above her head. "Huh?" The sudden voice startled Ling Qianqian. Seeing Ou Yufan looking at her, he panicked and quickly got up to put on his clothes. Ou Yufan then unhurriedly got up and went into the bathroom to wash up. Half an hour la


When she really fell in love with him, a deliberate car accident had made him lose his memory of being in love with her sister in a foreign land. Faced with the plundering of his many berserk clans, she did her best to protect his career. However, she was defeated by her elder sister. After signing the divorce agreement with tearful eyes, she resolutely turned around and left. He suddenly appeared and announced to everyone, "She is my woman!" "


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