Dragon Marked War God

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Dragon Marked War God
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thinning "Jiang Brothers, how is it?" The crown prince looked at Jiang Chen with excitement and anticipation. It had been three years, and only he knew what had happened to him. "You have been poisoned by the fake Queen, the Gu of Darkness will continue to grow stronger in your body. Once it reaches a certain point, it will devour all of your potential, making you look like a cripple." Jiang C
Jiang Chen, the first saint in the Holy Land, opened the door to the celestial world and blazed the trail for the saints in the mainland one hundred years ago. He exhausted the last drop of his holy blood and fell down the holy cliff. He did not expect that he would be born again after one hundred years. Before rebirth, he was the son of the castellan of Tianxiang city and was also a loser in others' eyes. The castellan loved him very much and he was infused with panacea since he was a child. Despite this, his cultivation is only the first stage of Qi Realm. However, this body is a treasure for reborn Jiang Chen. The power of panacea has been very strong during the past decade or so. As the world's first saint, it is easy for him to absorb these panacea. Reborn after a hundred years, he cultivated the supreme power, smashed the thorns, and contends for the world, only to find his own legend. ☆About the Author☆ Su Yuexi, a web novel writer, has masterpieces such as Dragon Marked War God, Great Supreme, Martial Arts and Martial Sky. Su Yuexi loves reading novels. He reads day and noght and keeps reading even after graduation. His friend said to him, "If you like it so much, why don't try to write a book?" So he began to write, and thus entered the online literature industry. Su Yuexi said that as an author, it is of utmost importance to write well. The content of the book must have positive energy which cannot bring negative influence to the society.
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    why can’t I read this novel anymore. please turn on reading again.
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