"This won't do, we definitely can't sit still and wait for death. If there's something wrong with our husband, what's the point in us living?" Although their strength had only just broken through to the Emperor Stage, and was unable to cause any harm to the two Great Emperor Realm's pagodas, they absolutely could not sit by and watch their husband get oppressed, and his life hanging by a thread. "That's right. For my husband, I will die without regrets." Long Ying'er also bit her lips and exchanged a glance with Ling Yun'er. They had long since disregarded their own life and death, so if anything happened to Jiang Chen, it would be meaningless even if they survived. "F * ck you, you're right, Xiao Chenzi. Today, even if I have to fight to the death, I will bite off a piece of these two bastards' flesh." "Hou Hou Hou ~ ~" Big Yellow roared again and again. His fighting spirit was unparalleled. Although there was a gap in their strength, his fighting spirit was unstoppable. So what if he was a god of war from the Buddhist Sect? Once upon a time, they fought in the Saint Origin universe and the Nine Regions. No one was their match, and now even the Buddhist War God was no exception. Supreme experts of the Ancestor's rank were far from being someone they could fight against. However, they knew that there was a tiger in the mountain, a tiger in the form of a tiger, and a mountain. Even if they knew that they were going to die, they still had to stand by Jiang Chen's side. "Be careful!" However, the addition of Ling Yun, Big Yellow, and the others had caused him to become helpless and helpless. Although he knew that they had good intentions, the Dragon Elephant Pagoda and the Vajra Pagoda were, after all, too terrifying. They could not defeat them in just one and a half moves. "You bunch of reckless fools, scram!" The Vajra Pagoda's fist shot up into the sky, causing the spiritual energy in the sky to tremble. The space collapsed, and with the godly spear in hand, Big Yellow stood out. However, under the power of this fist, he was forced hundreds of miles away. While Ling Yun and the rest, on the other hand, had suffered heavy injuries. Blood gushed out of their wounds. The faces of the three women were solemn. For the sake of their beloved husband, they did not hesitate in the slightest. "Bastard!" Jiang Chen gritted his teeth as his eyes turned red. This Vajra Pagoda had actually injured his brothers and women. At this moment, the hot blood in Jiang Chen's body was boiling, and his veins were popping out all over his body. "Wait for me. No one can hurt you." Jiang Chen looked at Ling Yun and the others and said softly. When he raised his head, he had already turned into a demon from hell. A wave of heaven-shaking fury began to spread. Not only the overlord monk, even Ksitigarbha, felt a sense of suffocation. This fellow was truly too terrifying. An instant of explosive fury would even cause one to feel despair. "Little bastard, if you're not convinced, then come over. You will die in a very rhythmic manner." Although Jiang Chen's towering rage made him feel a bit afraid, it wasn't enough to make him bow down before him. Not to mention that the two of them were supreme experts of the Ancestor Realm, and Jiang Chen was only at the peak of the mid stage of the Emperor Realm. It was simply a pipe dream. "You will definitely pay the price." Jiang Chen clenched his fists tightly. At that moment, his body was incredibly strong, and under the effect of the Dragon Transformation, the Ancient Dragon Treading Technique appeared once again, directly pushing his strength up to the Ancestor Realm. Although the difference wasn't that great, the current Jiang Chen possessed the ability to destroy the heavens and earth. The Vajra Pagoda and the Dragon Elephant Pagoda had completely infuriated him. "Amitabha." The Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva felt a deathly aura spreading out from the ground. It had already filled the skies above the Buddha Sect's ancestral grounds. The current Jiang Chen was like a beam of light, the light of death from hell. "Pi Heaven Seal!" Jiang Chen's demeanor was unparalleled, like that of an unparalleled king. He came to the world like the king of the world, unleashing the power of his dao, sending wind and lightning to the side as the world spun around him. "Heaven Profiler Seal!" "Envy Heaven Seal!" The three seals simultaneously activated, causing the expressions of the Vajra Pagoda and the Dragon Elephant Pagoda to change. The terrifying dao energy that Jiang Chen had displayed had directly sealed off their path of retreat. That fighting spirit of Ling Tian was like a sovereign above the heavens and the earth, they were simply unable to match up against him. "Dao Art Seal? How is that possible?" "Impossible!" The expression on the face of the Vajra Pagoda changed drastically. The might of the Dao Accumulation Seal was something that everyone was familiar with in the ancient times. The person who was able to execute the Dao Accumulation Seal was the strongest Empyrean in the world, unmatched by anyone else. He hadn't thought that Jiang Chen's seal would be so terrifying and tyrannical. The Vajra Pagoda and the Dragon Elephant Buddha looked each other in the eye and quickly retreated. They were not only shocked by Jiang Chen's seal, but also because the seal was so powerful that they couldn't defend themselves against it. The destructive seal spread across the sky. Even though the Vajra Pagoda and the Dragon Elephant Buddha had long since been prepared, they were still unable to resist Jiang Chen's dao aura. "Get lost!" Jiang Chen roared as he unleashed one seal after another, not giving the two of them any time to retaliate. Each seal was filled with the power of the Dao, unable to be defended against. A deathly aura filled the air, and the two of them felt like they were facing a great enemy, sensing the presence of death. "None of you will be able to escape from my clutches, and injure my lover. You deserve to die!" Jiang Chen rushed towards the bull fighting and unleashed a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering seal. Kitigarbha even felt the tragic fates of the Vajra Pagoda and the Dragon-Elephant Pagoda. "King Kong, return my Golden Body!" The Vajra Pagoda forcefully received the seal, but his palm had already cracked inch by inch, his bones had completely shattered, his arms had completely lost their ability to fight, and his flesh had been twisted into a bloody mist as he fled in a sorry state. There was only fear left in his eyes; although it wasn't hard for his arm to regenerate, he had just easily broken through his own Vajra Body. "A peerless dragon elephant, I am the most respected!" The dragon elephant was at the peak of the universe, and its body was magnificent. The dragon elephant was also peerlessly powerful. The Dragon Elephant Buddha was no exception. Its body was riddled with wounds, and its injuries were already on the verge of death. Even if it wasn't killed by Jiang Chen in a single blow, it would still be on the verge of death. The two of them looked at each other, and their faces lost all color. Even during the great calamity, the two of them had never suffered such a terrifying blow before.
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