Emperor of the North

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Final remarks [Big Dipper] was finished. After some thought, he decided to say something. First, let's talk about the Big Dipper. The book was published on November 1, 2016, and had a total of 1073 days since October 9, 2019. There were a total of 7.115 million words and 2,330 chapters in the book. Big Dipper wasn't the first book I wrote, but it was the first book I was working on. Frankly spe

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In ancient times, there was a war against demons, and the spirit veins in the whole world were all destroyed. The cultivation system based on spirit became history, and flying apsaras also became a legend forever. Li family, a not very famous martial arts family, located in the Mu Yun City, Chu State. A handsome young man was staring at the sky. He is Li Mu, the genius of Li family. In the world where strongers were respected, Li Mu was going to promote to the realm of Hou Tian at the age of 12, which was the first case in the thousands of years since the establishment of Chu State. If Li Mu succeeded in his advancement, it would cause ripples in the cultivation circle in the state . In the ceremony ceremony which made a sensation throughout the city, the gifted youth was framed and his life fell to the bottom. The wandering between life and death, is to die in silence, or rebirth in the ashes? A legend of flying flying apsaras, began since then... ☆About the Author☆ Hei Pao, a writer of web fantasy novels, has written Destined Dao Severeign and Emperor of the North. Hei Pao has had love for web literature for many years. From school days to got married and started his career, web novels has been accompanied by him all the time, which has also become the driving force for Hei Pao towards creation.



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