Evil CEO Falls in Love with Me

Modern Romance
42 Chapters
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"Aiya, I won't say anymore, I won't say anymore. I'll hurt the wound on your face again!" Ru Mei felt extreme heartache. Cen Yunshi deeply closed his deep eyes, as if he was somewhat relieved. It was just as Mi Luo said, a person who truly loves cannot care about who loves whom too much. He slightly exhaled, and turned around to leave the ward. "Sister Mi, why did you leave?" Xiao Li softly open


In order to infatuate her ten-year boyfriend, she accepted her future sister-in-law's suggestion of taking medicine for herself and walked into that room. Who would have thought that this would turn out to be a trap? In the dimly lit room, Shi Yu Jing was calling out her boyfriend's name, but she met someone else instead. The next day, she received the news that her boyfriend was engaged to another woman, and last night, the charming guy handed her a contract: "Little money grubber, I'll keep you!"


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