Godly Mercenary in City

Modern Life
503 Chapters
Godly Mercenary in City
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Latest Release: C503
Aug 29th, 00:00
The somewhat shy child was currently lying in this ice-cold coffin. Zhong Tianyouji abruptly retracted his hand, "There's a change in the plan." This group of people who treated them as pawns should receive the harshest of revenge. … …. Late at night in the capital. Feng Qingge looked up at the sky with a sweet smile. No one knew that behind this sweet smile was a vicious heart. Zhong Tiany
Ye Yang was a super expert in the world of mercenaries. He was a king that gave both countries a headache! For his lover, he was willing to be a bodyguard. For his friends, he was willing to fight for both sides. For his family, he would not hesitate to massacre his enemies! It was a dragon. In the end, it had to spread its wings and soar to the highest peak. Wind rose and clouds surged. It was an unstoppable force along the way, making the journey easier.