Heaven Devouring Sword Lord
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Chapter 136 - Inscribing Nameless Dao Mark Under the sea of flames, the Flawless Sword quickly turned scarlet red, and then slowly melted. This process only took an hour, and the terrifying temperature of the sea of flames was evident, if Ye Tian's body were to enter, it would be impossible to preserve. When Ye Tian saw that the Flawless Sword had been melted into a clump of metal liquid, his ga
The youth had awakened his supreme memories, obtained the mysterious broken sword, cultivated the nameless dao patterns, comprehended the "Reincarnation Technique", grasped the supreme mystical arts and supernatural powers, stirred up the wind and clouds, and looked down upon the world with disdain! One man, one sword, six combined. It was a scene of utter chaos and desolation, with power reaching the ten thousand worlds!