Hidden Dragon in Qing Dynasty

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Hidden Dragon in Qing Dynasty
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"Life is not only about the present, but also about the future … "Bitter days will never have a head. Contradictions and conflicts will always be the reality of society …" "And the citizens' emotions need to be vented. They don't know the truth of society, they don't know what happened in the world. They only know that their lives are not as good as a single day!" "What if it doesn't work out? T
What would you do if you have the chance to change history? Now, this is the question that Xiao Letian is facing. Xiao Letian, a graduate of Yanjing University, is now a director of a multinational advertising company. His biggest interest is chatting on a military forum and debate with a group of angry youth. When arguing with a tour pal on the Taihang Mountain, Xiao Letian stressed that there is actually another option in the direction of modern China. "Just give me a chance, I will definitely open a completely different path." God really gave him the chance. In 1864, Qing Dynasty Tongzhi three years, Xiao Letian came to this heavy age with the ideal of changing the Chinese destiny. Distant United States of America, don't you need a large order from me as you have just finished the Civil War? The germans of European renaissance, don't you want to borrow money from Chinain the Franco-Prussian War? The rise of a white collar and a shadow dynasty opened from then on. ☆About the Author☆ Xin Jing is a young and excellent online novel writer. He is proficient in history and has a rich imagination and a unique writing style. Xin Jing has written three novels, they are Hidden Dragon in Qing Dynasty, Interstellar hunting countries and Grassroots God of War.
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