Mafia King/C6 Chapter 6 He didní»t know!
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Mafia King/C6 Chapter 6 He didní»t know!
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C6 Chapter 6 He didní»t know!

Mira :

All the way to my house was too long for me, I was sweating but not because I'm so tired and I need some rest. but somehow I couldn't be next to him. It was hard for me to act as if he didn't have some affections for me. since the morning when he paid for my taxi driver since my eyes laid on him and I felt that I will fall hard.

But when I knew who he was, the fear of black shadow controlled my body and my mind. Since then I wanted to concentrate on just my job. I know what he was trying to do, he obviously didn't forget yet what I did to him. But I was a young girl for god sake! teenager! I was useless! superficial! But I'm another person now. I knew that now I have no chance to compete with anyone, I have zero chance to make him fall for me. Not just because he disgusts me and looks up to me from his nose actually. I won't try to do anything; I have no time for this now. But I hope that he could forgive me someday.

His slutty words, stressing me. out of the blue, he turned on the radio, and when he noticed that I was singing in a low voice with the song, he shut down the radio and raised an eyebrow "The song is horrible like your voice." He keeps nagging and insulting me all the time as if I killed his mother!

I huffed and ignored him, I rolled the window next to me, I stared outside, the view of the streets looked amazing. I remember this street, I used to live there, but I sold our mansion to pay for my mother's medication and hospital bills. I was living in a nightmare, almost sold everything, I wish I won't need to sell my body soon.

Out of blue, Tomas stopped the car and gazed at me, “well, don't be late."

I gulped. I remember that I didn't tell him my address, I totally forgot because I'm puzzled and he didn't ask. I thought he knew my address from my application or something.

I glared at him shockingly "What? Where's my house?"

Tomas opened his mouth and trembled "This mansion I guess! You lost your memory?"

I blew a frustrated sigh mixed with hard times memories "sir, I'm not living here anymore."

Tomas furrowed his eyebrows in curiosity then smirked and turned on the car "Well, sure you are living in a castle, spoiled." He mumbled.

My tears rolled inside my eyes, I cleared my throat "well, sort of, in the. um— far from here, please keep driving. I will show you the way." I couldn't have the courage to tell him where I live now, he will look down at me. I couldn't bear his way anymore. I was already suffering in my life, everything turned upside down.

Tomas huffed and followed my instructions until I asked him to stop the car. He looked flabbergasted "Where? Here? Why?"

I gestured to him "See this block, I live on the first floor here, in a small apartment, just me and my mother."

I opened the door of the car to get out, but Tomas' words froze me." Are you living here now? I guess you deserve that!" he killed me with his words!

My pulses raced nervously, my tears fell down my cheeks but I didn't show him the pain aches over my face. I didn't even turn my head to him, I just rushed to my house. I didn't want him to feel how weak I'm now.

I opened the door hurriedly, it was almost 1:59 a.m.

I rushed to my mother's bedroom "Mother, sorry I'm late, here take your medicine." I kissed her forehead.

She took her medicine and stared at me worriedly, she cupped my face and wiped my tears "Honey, What's wrong with you?"

I shook my head trying to control myself. "Nothing, I'm sorry, I'm just annoyed because I'm away from you all day." I placed a soft kiss on her hands.

And I stood up, I prepared some sandwiches for her and placed it on the table next to her bed. “Mother, I will change my clothes and leave Now, I have a meeting with my boss."

"Honey, Meeting Now? On your first day! Your boss is merciless, who is he?" My mother frowned.

I smiled "My boss is the kindest person, I have ever known in my life, he is the one I was looking for years after high school. I have to go now mother." I blurted out and waved to her going to the bathroom to take a fast shower splashing some cold water on my body and changing my outfit in a minute.

I dashed off to Mr. Tomas, who huffed yelling at my face once I butted inside the car " I'm not your driver, I told you, just 5 minutes."

I headed down tugging my fingers nervously "sir, I'm sorry, I was just—" but he cut me off. I wonder how the nice kind have changed all that much?! Sure I wasn't there for three reasons. But I was so happy to see him rich and handsome. He really deserved that.

"I Don't care! We are going now! To CARISSA VIP BAR for an important meeting!" He dropped a bomb, No a hard rock into my face. This place where I used to hang out with my friends, MY FAKE FRIENDS, everyone will be there. 'God please save me.'

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