Magic Love Ring
Modern Life
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Sep 2nd, 07:47
The death of the Heavenly Dao shocked the group of people in the Eternal Heaven Divine Court. But soon after, they all realized that Song Yan spreading the 'On the Three Realms' was a major trend. The Heavenly Dao had blocked it and they were all dead, not to mention them. As for Chou Ying, she didn't know what to say anymore. She had thought that Song Yan would have a world-shaking battle with
With the divine ring on my hand, I have a beauty. Since the senior high school student Song Yan obtained a ring, his life had undergone a tremendous change. The high and cold school belle, the absolute beauty teacher, the charming boss lady, and the violent and violent police flower had all intruded into his life. For that reason, Song Yan felt extremely vexed. Would he accept it, accept it, or accept it when facing so many beautiful women?
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