Marriage Emergency: CEO, Freeze

Modern Romance
787 Chapters
Marriage Emergency: CEO, Freeze
9.3 (11 Ratings)
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Nov 19th, 11:15
"I want to create some trouble for him!" He wanted to stall Chen Zesen and prevent him from annexing his wife's family's company. If he were to succeed in his scheme, how would he have the face to meet his in-laws in the future? "Don't act rashly for the time being. I'll send someone to do this. I'll inform you when there's news!" He could not reveal it yet. "En!" Chen Zelin understood the mean
After two years of marriage, Yan Jiming's apathy had finally worn down all her expectations for marriage. Yan Luoxi decided to get a divorce and take back all the privileges that she had given to Yan Jiming! Yan Jiming found out — why did his wife smile so sweetly to others, and why did she smile so perfunctorily to me? She would make at least one call a day before, now why did not call once a month? Why did the taste of the food change? It wasn't made by his wife? Why does the bath smell smell so wrong? Not a common brand?