Martial God Asura
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"Did my grandmother tell you that as long as you enter this Heaven-Devouring world, you won't be able to leave?" Fu Mo Xin'er asked. "Yes." Chu Feng nodded. "My grandmother is lying to you." "Actually, there is a way out. It's just that this method is extremely dangerous and one has to pass through the Ancient Heaven Swallowing Beast." "If it's me, it will be very difficult for me to help yo
After ancient times, the world of different races varies from their different talents. Almost the lower realm knows about the mortial world and the upper realm, except a few special lower realms, such as Ancestral Martial lower realm. Chu Feng, grows up in the mainland of Jiuzhou of Ancestral Martial lower realm. But he is adopted by Chu Yuan, the fifth son of Chu family. Thus he was pushed aside and bullied from childhood. Five years ago, Chu Feng is just ten years old which is the best age for cultivate. Unexpectedly, a magical bolt of lightning struck him and entered his pubes. And because of this accident, his cultivation stagnated and he was considered to be a mediocrity. No one has thought that loser Chu Feng is actually belong to skyclan. He will return to the upper realm and then stepped through the entire star field and become a bright person in this world. ☆About the Author☆ Kindhearted Bee, whose true personal name is Zhang Baohuan, is a online novelist. His main works are "War God Asura" "Martial God Asura". As early as May 2011, he published his first novel online, but because the content was not perfect, the signing was rejected. After that, he concentrated on learning the knowledge of the web novel and studying the inadequacies of the work. Three months later, he published the novel again and officially named the novel "War God Asura". This novel became one of the most popular fantasy novels of the year, and thus Zhang Baohuan became a popular author.
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