Nine Tribulation Star Sovereign
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Chapter 130 - Nine Secret Words "Feng." A voice that came from far away interrupted Lu Feng and Mu Yurou's memories. Hearing this familiar voice, a heavy burden fell on Lu Feng's heart. He stood up and looked in the direction where the voice came from. Seeing Sun Shengyang slowly walk over, he looked at Yu Hai who was beside Lu Feng with suspicion. Lu Feng quickly introduced him: "Yang, this i
Was her laughter a gathering of lovers? I'm leaving? Brother's life and death is hope? Despair? Is the Great Dao merciless human nature? The rules? Going against the heavens was a sect of life? Was it a dead end? The nine tribulations stirred up the wind and the dancing clouds, and the young men roared in a way that defied fate! The Mysterious Star Shine through the Nine Heavens, the pinnacle of the star chart in hand! The youth of a small town was travelling alone. Carrying with him the mission of being lost, he walked out of the small town and began cultivating while defying the heavens. From then on, he looked down at the heavens and swept through the universe.