Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife

Historical Romance
753 Chapters
9.2 (105 Ratings)
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Jan 14th, 09:57
Mai Fanghua cried tears of joy. Mu Yunyao quickly stepped forward and advised, "Sister-in-law, this is a happy occasion, please don't cry. Quickly inform the Emperor, he must be extremely happy." "Yes, someone, go ask the emperor to come over." Min Fang Hua quickly dried her tears. Even if she said that the wind around her was not good for her child, she would immediately have people close the do

Associated Names

A Beauty, A Fatal Concubine

Kiều nữ độc phi


In the previous life, grandmother intended to sell her to the moneybags Zhang. Zhang family was a fire pit. Rich man Zhang was a very old man who especially loves young girls. He insulted countless girls in these years. Her mother was tortured to death in humiliation in order to protect her. Although she escaped in the end, she was lame. Being unaware of her lot, she was schemed to death by the big family. After her rebirth, she vowed not to be used again, but to live a different and wonderful life with her intelligence and wisdom. She keeps the foothold by using embroidery to stand up, becomes famous by showing tea art, and gain glory step by step relying on her medical sklills... She protects her mother and become a noble girl praised by everyone. In the process of resisting the persecution of the family, she finally finds out her lot, finds the real family members as well as her beloved. ☆About the Author☆ Yan Yu Fang Ting, a contract writer of novel website, likes to follow TV series and read novels. YanYu Fang Ting is good at wrting ancient romance novels. Her writing is delicate, the characters she created are always adept at scheming. She has written two novels, they are Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife and The Beautiful Pampered Concubine.



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