Peerless Master God/C110 To the Barbarian Mountains
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Peerless Master God/C110 To the Barbarian Mountains
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C110 To the Barbarian Mountains

Liu Yiheng nodded his head and said: "Don't worry Fourth Uncle, I won't act recklessly. Oh right, there should still be four months until the Four Great Clans' Large Competition, right?"

Liu Changyun nodded and said, "No, there's still four months, so you need to increase your strength as fast as possible. It's best if you can raise your realm to the innate spirit, because then it would be more stable."

Liu Yiheng: "En, I understand. Fourth Uncle, I will be leaving first." After saying that, Liu Yiheng immediately left Liu Changyun's place.

Two days later, Liu Yiheng returned to his living quarters. Liu Yiheng still thought that it would be more comfortable here, whether it was cultivation or resting, it would be much better, because no one would come to disturb him. Xiao Ying was even more willing to come back, since this was his home.

Liu Yitao came to look for Liu Yiheng. He wanted to go out and train for a period of time, and he would return during the Large Competition. At the same time, he wanted to see the strength of the spirit weapon in his hand.

Liu Yiheng and Little Shadow had already researched most of Shadow Assault, Shadow Clone Technique and Demon Shadow Perception. The result of their research was that this set of mental cultivation methods, martial skills and movement techniques did not have any side effects or effects on Little Shadow, so Little Shadow had started to cultivate as well, thus Liu Yiheng had some free time to do so.

Thus, he once again came to Liu Changyun's place. After finding Liu Changyun, Liu Yiheng indifferently said: "Fourth Uncle, I want to go out for a while. Don't send anyone to follow me anymore."

Liu Changyun stared blankly for a moment, then said: "You knew that someone was following you?"

I understand what Fourth Uncle and Eldest Uncle are thinking, but I don't want to become a flower that grows in a greenhouse, and that is not something that can endure the wind and rain. Moreover, since I have already become a martial cultivators and have chosen this path, I have already made preparations to face danger.

Liu Changyun said helplessly: "There's nothing we can do about that. You are still growing right now, and once you grow up, you will naturally not need protection."

Liu Yiheng: "No, there are too many experts on this continent, and no one dares to say that they are invincible. Then when will they be able to grow?

"Yi Heng, just tell me, where are you going?"

Liu Yiheng smiled and said: "As expected, Fourth Uncle has guessed it. I am going to the Barren Mountains to gain experience, this is my first time doing it, so I do not wish for anyone to follow me."

"To the Barren Mountains? "No, that place is too dangerous."

"That's right, I only want to go because it's dangerous. If the road is flat, without any dangers or obstacles, how could it be an experiential learning? It would be better to stay in the Liu Family and live a comfortable life. Besides, does Fourth Uncle want to train me to be a warrior who can only walk on a flat road and not face danger? "

After Liu Changyun heard these words, he lowered his head to think for a moment before saying, "But I must tell Big Brother about this matter."

Liu Yiheng shook his head and said: "If you had told Uncle, then I might really not be able to go to the Barren Mountains. Fourth Uncle, believe me, nothing would happen to me."

Liu Changyun's eyes struggled for a while, but in the end, he made a decision: "Alright, I believe you, then what do you need?"

Liu Changyun had already felt that Liu Yiheng was extremely intelligent, and had never done anything that he had no confidence in, nor would he do anything that he had no meaning for. Since he found that someone was following him, he would just think of a way to shake him off.

Liu Yiheng smiled and said, "Fourth Uncle really knows me. I want a map of the Barren Mountains. I think the Liu Family should have this."

"Are you sure you want to go to Barren Mountains alone?"

"I only need a map. I'll prepare the rest myself." Liu Yiheng said with a faint smile.

Liu Changyun gnashed his teeth, then said: "Okay, I have it right here." After he finished speaking, Liu Changyun took out a map that was carved with beast skin from inside a book. He continued to explain, "This is the Barren Mountains's map, but it's not complete. After all, we don't have the strength to investigate the entire Barren Mountains. Then, he handed the map over to Liu Yiheng.

After Liu Yiheng received the map, he said with a smile: "Fourth Uncle, I'll be leaving first."

"Wait, I'm telling you about the Barren Mountains. If you don't let others protect you, then you have to understand more about the Barren Mountains. The more you know, the safer it will be for your training in the Barren Mountains." Then, Liu Yiheng and Liu Changyun started chatting in the study room.

After Liu Yiheng left Liu Changyun's place, he headed straight for the outside of the Liu Family. He first bought some clothes, food, and water, but since there were storage bag present, it became much more convenient.

After everything was prepared, Liu Yiheng rested for an entire night. Then, on the morning of the next day, he directly headed towards the Barren Mountains. However, he did not directly enter the Barren Mountains.

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