Peerless Master God/C87 Knife to Spear
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Peerless Master God/C87 Knife to Spear
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C87 Knife to Spear

Liu Zhenshan calmed down very quickly. He first sat down and then said, "Chang Xiong, tell everyone in the Liu Family to keep this a secret. We need to seal off this news, understand?"

After Liu Changxiong heard this, he nodded and said, "Yes, I will immediately go and do it."

Liu Zhenshan turned his head to look at the still dazed Qin Zhenggang, and said: "Brother Zheng Gang, did you hear what I just said?"

Qin Zhenggang had just been cursing his own son in his heart, Qin Tianxing, yet he had actually pushed away such a monstrous level of son-in-law. If Qin Tianxing was now by his side, he even wanted to personally kill this guy, even if it was his own son.

It wasn't until he heard Liu Zhenshan's words that he reacted, and then he said: "Old Brother Zhushan, did you say anything just now?" His expression was very awkward, because he really didn't hear it just now.

Liu Zhenshan coldly said: "I just wanted to completely seal off all news of Yi Heng, I think Brother Zheng Gang should know what to do, right?"

Qin Zhenggang immediately nodded: "Of course I understand. Rest assured, Big Brother Zhushan, I definitely won't tell anyone about this."

"And your granddaughter, if this news spreads to your Qin family, don't blame me for being impolite. I will not hesitate to use all of my family's power to make your Qin family completely disappear from Qingling City."

After Qin Zhenggang heard this, his body couldn't help but tremble because he knew what Liu Zhenshan had said was true. If this matter were to spread out and spread to the Qin family, then the Liu family would definitely not let their Qin family off.

Therefore, he continued, "Don't worry, I know the importance of this matter. Lu Xue is a smart child, she also knows what should be said, and what shouldn't be said."

Liu Zhenshan nodded, and said: "Then that's good." Then, he turned to look at Li Yuanmeng.

Li Yuanmeng laughed and said: "We are in a cooperative relationship, how could I possibly let out such a thing?"

Liu Zhenshan laughed and continued to speak: "Alright, this is great."

When the other higher-ups of the Liu Family heard Liu Zhenshan's laughter, they knew how interested he was in Liu Yiheng, so they were also planning on how to get closer to Liu Yiheng. At the same time, there were also people who were thinking about how to dissolve the hatred between them and Liu Yiheng.

On the training grounds, Liu Yiheng and Liu Yiyu were fighting intensely, both of them releasing their full power, the powerful Spirit Qi was like a ball of flame, flying everywhere, forcing the spectators at the side of the training grounds to retreat a little, because the heat was unbearable for them.

The two of them fought a great battle for more than eighty rounds before separating. Liu Yiheng was panting slightly, and Liu Yiyu's face was flushed red. It seemed that the huge battle just now had consumed quite a bit of energy on both of them.

After his complexion returned back to normal, he said indifferently: "I never thought that you would actually be a fire pulse soul, and the level of your bloodline soul should not be low either. Otherwise, before you've cultivated to the innate spirit, coupled with the fact that you don't have any martial skills to coordinate with, it would be impossible to use your bloodline soul.

Liu Yiheng laughed and said: "This is my problem, let's talk about our next battle." Liu Yiheng's fighting spirit was extremely strong.

However, it was impossible for the carnauba to do that. Of course, Liu Yiheng's bloodline was not a simple fire pulse soul, but the pure yang fire could activate it, so how could a normal fire pulse soul compare to it? Furthermore, there was no way to use the power of the bloodline.

knew that this was Liu Yiheng's secret, and that every single warrior would have their own secret. Some secrets, even if it was the person closest to him, it would not be so easily told, so he did not continue to question him, and indifferently said: "Of course we have to continue, and it will be even more exciting."

After he finished speaking, he made a gesture with his waist, and a single fire-red blade appeared in Liu Yiyu's hands. He then said: "This blade is called the Flame Blade, an existence only second to spirit artifacts.

Liu Yiheng pulled at the small of his back, and directly pulled out the long spear that he had on his back a long time ago, then said: "I call this spear jade dragon gun, I think there shouldn't be any problems dealing with your flame blade."

"You actually have a weapon?" Liu Yiyu said in surprise.

Liu Yiheng laughed and said: "Of course, since I can cultivate, how can I not have a weapon?" After he finished speaking, he made a fool of himself and said, "Make your move."

"Alright, take this. Earth Fire Saber Technique." After he finished speaking, he swung his blade over. The strength of this blade was extremely strong. Moreover, with the support of the flaming blade, the power of the flames had more than doubled.

However, Liu Yiheng did not show any sign of weakness. He aimed at the opponent's weakness and thrusted his spear straight at them. This spear was fast, accurate, stable, ruthless, and was especially tricky, aiming straight for the opponent's weakness.

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