Peerless Master God/C93 Advantages and Disadvantages
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Peerless Master God/C93 Advantages and Disadvantages
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C93 Advantages and Disadvantages

Qin Tianxing looked at Qin Luxue and asked: "Little girl, what do you think?"

Qin Luxue looked at her own father, and said: "I will do my best. After all, I was wrong in this matter, but right now, there is already a huge resistance placed in front of me."

Qin Tianxing anxiously asked: "Huge resistance? What was that? You and Yi Heng have been engaged since you were young. Even though you and I aren't really that close, you still have the greatest chance? "

Qin Luxue shook her head and said: "No, if we hadn't proposed to end the marriage, perhaps that's the case, but now it's completely different. The huge resistance that I'm talking about, is Li Qiuxia, she's extremely interested in Liu Yiheng right now, and her situation, father should also be clear, no matter what aspect it is, she's definitely not inferior to me."

"Also, she didn't have any conflicts with Liu Yiheng in the past, so in certain aspects, she has a much greater advantage than me. After all, Liu Yiheng going to cancel the engagement with us was perhaps the greatest insult he could receive."

After Qin Tianxing heard this, he also lowered his head, not knowing how to explain anymore.

Qin Zhenggang said at this time: "Hmph, all of this is because of you, I already said it before, that brat will definitely not be simple, but you just won't listen, okay, after the new year you go and think about it, I will temporarily take care of the Qin family."

After Qin Tianxing heard this, his face became extremely ugly. He then continued, "Father, this matter is indeed my fault, but I ?"

Qin Zhenggang shook his hand, then said: "Even if there wasn't such a thing, I would still have to come out and take charge of the overall situation. I thought that it was very likely that the entire Qingling City would change drastically, and that the feeling was very strong, so I had to personally oversee it.

After hearing this, Qin Tianxing's expression became a little better, and he said: "Yes, father, I understand, but I hope you don't blame Lu Xue. She is also wholeheartedly looking for a stronger backer for the sake of the clan, and Liu Yiheng is indeed hiding it too deeply."

Qin Zhenggang said indifferently: "I know this, I know what kind of child Lu Xue is. I know in my heart, but he was wrong about this matter.

Qin Luxue also lowered her head in embarrassment, but the stubbornness in her eyes could still be clearly seen. The meaning was obvious, she was still not satisfied with the arrangement, but now she was only dissatisfied with the arrangement, and did not feel any resistance towards Liu Yiheng.

Li Yuanmeng looked at his beautiful and intelligent daughter in front of him, and said with a smile: "Girl, looks like you really have a chance. Right now, your identity is the same as Qin Luxue, and your chances are the same, but this is only looking out, actually your chances are higher."

Qin Luxue nodded her head and said: "Mn, that's true, after all, Lu Xue had given Liu Yiheng a lot of unpleasantness, but I did not.

Li Yuanmeng said indifferently: "Is it because of the matter you used the last time?"

If he really does hate me, then the situation would be hard to say. After all, this has brought Lu Xue and I to the same level once again, and when he was young, he and Lu Xue should have had some sort of emotional basis. "Yun Che said calmly.

Li Yuanmeng shook his head and said: "It won't, from this competition, I can see his magnanimity, but that is on the same side of things. As for the decision to end the engagement, he shouldn't have such a big heart, so you should be the one with the most hope, but you must remember, regardless of success or failure, you must not use any means, Liu Yiheng is very smart, understand?"

If he really doesn't like his daughter, then I can't do anything about it. But I can be sure of one thing, I won't let Yi Heng hate me, and that will be enough. If I have an enemy like him, then it would definitely not be a good thing. "

Li Yuanmeng nodded and said: "That's right, if Yi Heng can become my son-in-law, that's even better. If that doesn't work, then being friends is also not bad, as long as he is not our enemy, then everything will be fine. Oh right, if it's possible, you can tell him about the current situation of our City Lord's Mansion, and perhaps he will feel touched."

Li Qiuxia nodded and said: "Mn, just like this, I can heal a little bit of the scar that I used against him last time, but I don't know what grandfather is like."

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