Peerless Master God/C99 Little Shadow's Inherent Skill
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Peerless Master God/C99 Little Shadow's Inherent Skill
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C99 Little Shadow's Inherent Skill

"You don't dare to come close to me with your strength? Is strength also conscious? "

The Hongkun said in a low voice: "Strength does not have a true consciousness, but strength has a strict class difference. The simplest type of spiritual energy is too inferior to your The power of Hongmeng's class, so you do not dare to approach it. This is the Heavenly Dao, not a power's consciousness, forget about it, you will naturally understand this if you do not understand it now."

When Hongkun spoke up to here, Little Shadow had already walked to the side of the Spirit Vein Array Stone and extended her small hand to place it on top of the Spirit Vein Array Stone. During this entire time, her body was trembling as well, her emotions were extremely complicated at that time, excitement, excitement, novelty, fear, and traces of hesitation. All sorts of emotions intertwined together, but in the end, she placed her small hand on top of the Spirit Stone, thinking that he knew she had to try, if she tried, she might still be able to stay by his side, if she didn't try, then she wouldn't have any chance at all.

But when Little Shadow placed her hand on the Spirit Stone, there was actually no reaction from the Spirit Stone. This situation caused Liu Yiheng to frown, because wasn't this situation the same as what he had been facing from the beginning?

So he used his spiritual force and said, "Old man, what is going on? Didn't you say that Little Ying's talent is very strong? Why is there no reaction from the spirit stones? "

Hongkun said with a heavy voice: "How would I know? But I would never be wrong, furthermore, didn't you already have your spirit veins detected in the past? Maybe that little girl's Spirit Vein is the same as yours, the more special it is.

Liu Yiheng thought for a moment, then said: "Mn, what you said is correct.

She was so anxious that tears were about to fall from her eyes, because she also knew that when opening a spirit vein, the stone had to have a reaction. First, it emitted a white light, which proved that the person had a spirit vein, and the stronger the white light, the stronger the spirit vein.

But now, the spirit stone did not have any reaction, proving that he did not have a spirit vein. Since there was no spirit vein, how could there be a spirit vein? Was it possible to cultivate it? She bit her lips and continued to work hard, not giving up. Her small hand pressed down on the Spirit Stone so hard that her veins could be seen. At the same time, she kept focusing her attention in an attempt to get the Spirit Stone to acknowledge her ability.

When Liu Changyun saw that there was no reaction from the spirit stone, he frowned and thought to himself: "Didn't I say it before, a little girl like her cannot have spirit veins? Furthermore, she has already missed the golden period of cultivation, so even if she has spirit veins, she will probably not have any further developments.

Therefore, he turned his head and said, "Yi Heng, don't mind it. After all, the number of cultivators on this continent is relatively small.

Liu Yiheng nodded his head and said: "Of course, but I believe that Little Shadow should have a spirit vein, but even if she doesn't, it doesn't matter. I will take good care of her until she finds someone who can take care of her for the rest of her life."

: Un, I knew it would be like this, don't worry, if you prepare to leave the Liu Family, leave the Qingling City, I will help you take care of Xiao Ying, I will take her as my foster daughter, and at that time, no one will bully her, and I will help her find a good home.

"Then I'll thank fourth uncle."

Just as Liu Yiheng was talking about this, a miracle suddenly happened. The Spirit Stone suddenly released a strong light, that was a light that no one in the Liu Family had ever seen before.

When Liu Changyun saw this, he was so shocked that his jaw almost fell off, and said, "Oh my god, what is that? Such a strong light, it's even stronger than Third Brother's light back then.

When Liu Yiheng heard this, he secretly said in his heart: "Even that old man Hongkun said that Little Ying's talent is very good, so how could Little Ying's talent be bad?"

Liu Yiheng then said: "Hehe, isn't Xiao Ying my servant? As for how she actually came here ? I'll have to ask uncle before I know, because he was the one who brought Little Shadow to my side. "

Before Liu Changyun could recover his strength, he saw green light suddenly blossom from the spirit stone, which then turned blue and then purple.

At this point, Liu Changyun's body had already started trembling, because the purple vein spirit was already a rank 3 vein spirit. In the Liu Family, this kind of vein spirit had only appeared four times, after all, in a place like Qingling City, as long as one had a vein spirit, they would be considered a genius.

Just as he was about to say something, the color of the spirit stone changed to orange once again.

This time, Liu Changyun could not believe his eyes. He first rubbed his eyes, then looked at the Spirit Stone carefully, but there was still an orange light emitting from it, and it was extremely intense. At the same time, specks of light slowly appeared in the sky above the little shadow.

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