Poison Genius Consort 2: Emperor's Swallow

Historical Romance
1099 Chapters
9.2 (79 Ratings)
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Latest Release: C1099 Seventy-Day End
Nov 11th, 02:39
Qian Duoduo knew that the result of him making a mistake on his own days was that he himself would have been foolish enough to cry. Her eyes were wet. Mu Ran laughed to his heart's content, but in the end, he couldn't help but laugh and console her. Later on, they did not go to the Medicine King Valley, but instead went to the Jinyang City. Qian Duoduo said that she would first go and see her fut


She was a peerless genius in medicine, with the Medicine King's Treasure Cauldron in her hand. Once she transmigrated, she became a lowly little medicine slave in the dispensary. Physicians made things difficult for her, princesses humiliated her, and even her fiancé came knocking on your door to break off the engagement? However, she had the Cauldron in her hand. The top-notch prescription was in her hand. She took rare and precious herb, punished those who were slanderous, plotted those who were petty, treated the emperor, saved the crown prince. The imperial edict made the medicine slave become a concubine and receive endless doting. It was unbreakable. Wait, didn't Prince Jing, who wielded great power in the imperial court, say he was a detestable individual? As the saying goes, the concubine had medicine. However...



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